CGCookie Robot contest Spy_Bug

Here is a WIP of my entry.
I don’t have much time after work to do this but here is what I have at this time.
Test render of progress.
P.S. all new pics will be on this post.


here is a small update rendered with no materials for a look at just the model.
I got some work in on the legs.

Not Much here. Just a shell for the body, and all the legs are here now.

small bit of time put in today.

Hello. Nice work. Can you post some shots from others angles?

Still clay renders. here is a Top and Side view render. Camera perspective.


Nice. I can’t wait to see your finished work, especially the wings. Insects wings are extremely difficult to do and apply material. You want to maintain the natural appearance of the wings?

I want to keep the form of the wings looking real. I don’t think that I have the know how to make this look like a real bee wing. I may try but that will be later.

good luck. Anyway, the model is very good.

here is an attempt at the wing texture.

I was watching the wings of bees. They have a very high degree of transparency. Practically only the ribs are visible. I think using glass as a material and normal map for the ribs are a good start.
I believe you will have more significant results when your model is inserted into a scene with more objects.
Anyway, as I sad, this is a god job.

Super cool details on the legs. What about scene? Inside of what :smiley:

Got some time to get more work in.

New Update.
Uploaded a new pic to the first post.

I think you need to add a light to the left of the body so that it shines and gives a better outline of the body.

Congratulations. Looks pretty good to me. You did a good material, the wings look very realistic. Enjoyed the wires.
Let’s put some arduino code and play with it.

I uploaded a new Pic, Better lighting and a sky texture are used, I also put the little guy on a stand.
I am off to Rig this now, then one more render and submit.