CGcookie Sniper

Hi there,

I am working on a sniper rifle, based on Titus Simca’s artwork. This gun is going to be released on Blend Swap when I am ready, but I’d need some help to finish it. I am currently at the unwrapping/texturing steps, and I am kind of lost.


My progress so far (just testing stencils, not final):

I am going to work on the UV layout today, and submit the images later.

Oooh, that has some pretty epic detail :smiley: I would say the white isn’t really something that should be a main part of the rifle, as most guns are brown, black, or a dark shade of red. Other than that it’s good so far.

Only some parts are white, but they are white for sure :smiley:

Ah, that’s fixed it, I’d say.

I have finished it: