CGCookie vs.?

Hey everyone!

I am new to the community. I have been learning Blender since December. Mostly learning through experience and not following a guided tutorial.

Since I understand some of the basics of the interface and the application, I would like to really understand and develop models more efficiently. Learning from someone with experience would help immensely. I am having trouble finding a community or tutorial with the vast amounts of directions available.

I am aware of CGCookie. Can anyone vouch for the program? Do alternatives exist that are less than $20 a month? I am an undergraduate, so saving money would be preferable. However, if CGCookie is the best resource I can probably manage the monthly payment.


Gleb Alexandrov comes to mind for tips to create models. He has some good videos on tips and tricks that you may find quite useful to learn.
Although, he doesn’t have a specific course for what you are looking for, it is a start.

If you want to save money, there are still plenty of YouTube videos for Blender, and they are all free.


Finding the good information is going to be hard. Lots of tutorials, but only some of them are done by people who know the teaching skill. You can try udemy for tutorials, when wanting to leanr sculpting I recommend zacharias reinhardt. Be careful with waht you buy from places like udemy. Lots of the teachers know not how to teach.

I used cgcookie and it was good for learning the basics. The basics is all I was able to get from cgcookie. It did a good job teaching the basics and for this, worth the money. Problem with cgcookie is their videos are currently using blender 2.79b. Right now it’s easy to move this into 2.8 alpha, but cgcookie needs to update.

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Thank you very much for the reference!

CG cookie is one of those things that is good to use for a month, then take a few months to practice and integrate what you have learned.