Does anyone else use CGCookie? I been a member for a while, and although I have only watched the tutorials, they are AMAZING!!!

For anyone who hasn’t tried it, take a look. I don’t think I can post a link because that would be advertising, although I am in no way affiliated with the company.

It’s no advertising here, this forum is part of the cgcookie network.

That is so cool. You can delete this thread then, as everyone has heard of it. Sorry about that.

I’m glad to hear you like our work! And as Richard said, Blender Artists is part of the CG Cookie network.

Either way, even if it wasn’t, you’re free to post links to content that you’ve found valuable. However, just be sure you’re not posting duplicate content by first checking to see if someone else has posted it. It’s also encouraged to only post fresh content that is specifically relevant to something.

Also moving this to Off-Topic as it’s not precisely Blender related.

Thanks! You are one of the best teachers I ever listened to. Even an idiot like me might be able to learn 3D. I can’t wait to view your new tutorial on character design. Everything you teach from Architecture to guns is worth ten times the membership monthly.

One day I will get brave enough to actually apply what I am learning from AAA+ videos.