CGI and photography, Storsjöodjuret


I have been working with a photographer trying to build up a small portfolio of CGI and photography images.
This is to help us both hopefully land a some paid jobs.
“Storsjöodjuret” is the first of 3 images we are planing.
I would like to hear your point of view on this picture even though it is done.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

well start with describing in detail your process and goals with this image if you want any valuable critic and advise. To me both look like photographs.

The goal is photorealism but more important to make it looks good.
The ice-sculpture is 3d and the men and footsteps in the snow are post-pro.
We wanted to show our potential clients the possibilities of 3d and how we can make things that are not practical to do in real life.

Do most important point is, that you present your service in a way that non-cgi people understand what you do.
At the moment even cgi people did not really understand then main point.

For example you could render a wireframe of the sculture to show that is 3d and not a photo.
You also could show a timelapse of your workflow.

Kind regards and good luck

I was about to reply but Alain already gave a great reply and I have nothing more to add.

You have a very good point.
When we try to make 3d that looks photorealistic it might be good to be clear about what is 3d.
Point well recived. :slight_smile: