CGI Artist / Digital Compositor for an action/sci-fi short film

I’m an L.A. represented screenwriter, MA in film production, having previously produced short films and test TV commercials, with freelance experience of over 10 years in various production roles in London, and am looking for a CGI artist/Digital Compositor for DEVOLUTION, my directorial debut short film.

DEVOLUTION is a live action/sci-fi short film set in the near future with a challenging CGI work implementation and choreographed action scenes with theme: robots can be humans at times and humans can be inhuman and calculative. The directorial focus will be distributed evenly between the human drama unfolding on screen and the action. Backdrop and foreground 3D or 2D CGI work will be prominent throughout the film as a futuristic world needs to be created.

Principal photography will be held in Birmingham, UK, over 3 days in November 2012. Estimated time of completion after post-production is July 2013. DEVOLUTION will be shot on HD and will be distributed in film festivals around the world and virally over the internet.

However, due to budgetary restrictions this is an expenses-only engagement for crew and cast - unfortunately.

If you are interested I’d love to send you the script and some additional information for your consideration. I can be reached by email at: devolutionfilm [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for reading.