Cgi insperation

I really hope people continue with this… Images that might be interested for CGI artists. - warning: mild nudity

Boobs displayed on random geometry in real-time?

More like an abstract tower, though give some people an abstract image and they almost always think of of something twisted and raunchy like what Shatter said, unfortunate given the influence of companies like playboy.

Can we please keep this thread clean so everyone can be inspired?

+1. Good comment.

The first thing I though of was some giant snake creature. With a spaceship flying near it (bright geometry roughly 2/3 of the way up) the creature. That looked a little F302ish (from Stargate)

Haha, wow. Really, they are using porn for textures. Look at his link, it’s clearer in the other ones.

He is right, just look at the very top of the model.

If they’re using porn as a texture does that mean Yogyog gets an automatic ban? I thought porn wasn’t allowed here and if you do show an image that’s proven to be pornographic it’s an instant ban?

Can we just have works from people like Piet Mondrian instead or will the top level domain on Blenderartists need to be changed to .xxx?

It’s just abstract CD >=|

I’m sure we can all behave respectfully

So if you say it’s just an abstract image that you say has nude textures on it, then do you say it has nudity?:rolleyes:

Maybe I’m thinking too hard and I’ll need to post something to inspire others.

This should inspire someone, the photo makes it not all just flat colors…

If I say “its just an abstract image that you say has nude textures on it” then you would be the one complaining about nudity right?

I’ve edited the first post.

The images are digital gallery art, and they do contain tits in the textures. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but nude images often appear on the forum. While outright porn would be inapropreate, I don’t think this sort of thing is. is a fasinating website from an earlier era of conseptual web-art.

Has anyone got any other insperation for CGI artists? here’s one:

That is interesting, CD. It could be a source of texture if you wanted to have a non-digital catoon look.