CGI Retouching with Blender & Photoshop - How to do?!

Hey People

Im new to blender and cgi in general but keen to learn. I am quite experience with photoshop for photo retouching but I want expand its use with cgi elements.

I came across this website, apparently they use modo and photoshop to achieve these images -

Does anyone have any idea how this is done? Or could someone point me to some free blender tutorials that show 1) how to model liquids like this, and 2) how to render the transparency and keep it so it can be used in photoshop.

Also do the 2 separate images, the model and the water need to be composited in blender to get the right effect?

As I said im completely new to this, but there are great creative possibilities that I want to try out.


do you know any cgi at all? you could try blender guru’s tutorials on fluid sim

What I would do:

  1. Make an approximate 3d model
  2. Map the picture onto the 3d model
  3. Model the dress
  4. Make the dress an fluid
  5. Give the fluid an initial velocity
  6. Make the the first model an fluid obstacle
  7. Render in Cycles