CGI Study Materials

Hello everyone,
As most of you probably know, I’m a passable but by no means great CGI artist. However, I would like to remedy that scenario, and I want to start by taking advantage of the University’s Independent Study program next semester. The idea (if it’s not obvious) is that I get credit for a self-taught course. However, this requires close supervision from faculty and they will want to see some sort of plan-of-study before they’ll greenlight me. So I thought a good first step would be to come here and talk to youse guys. What resources (particularly that means books, as in printed on the backs of fallen trees) would you recommend as good resources for learning good CGI techniques? That includes modelling, texturing, lighting, the whole nine yards; and may not necessarily only extend to Blender (as I will probably also be trying to use the opportunity to learn Maya, but never fear, I plan no treachery). Any suggestions would be appreciated…I just need a good idea of what books are available so that I’ll be able to make my case when I talk to my professors.

It’s been a while since I solicited help in this fashion. I feel like a noob again.

This book, “CGI Filmmaking,” was recommended to me. Looks very promising :slight_smile:

Nah your worx is the best.

Anyways regarding books - there is a really good one for 3d-max animation at the library. Now I am only getting near 3d max with a barge pole but some of the stuff is quite good.

About lighting and rendering:
And for animation try The Animators Survival Kit although it is not CG related directly it is a great ressource for animation.

equally for anatomical reference, try “Artistic Anatomy”, or Grey’s Anatomy. Fascinating, and useful too. I guess you’d want some kind of topology reference too: