(CGI) SUNSET CANYON - Augusto Cezar

Blender + Photoshop
Original project by: Max Achkovsky

I made 4 variations of the same scene to test a brand new asset library called Grassblade, created by Bproduction company. It amazing how I could get such nice results with a few clicks.

This tool comes with a huge amount of vegetation assets and an extraordinary biome system that works with the Scatter 5 addon for Blender. In Grassblade you will find no less than 400 photorealistic assets for professional quality renderings. Each asset is made from precise photoscans with a top-of-the-line accurate PBR worlfow.

Grassblade features 140 biomes, they are all customizable. The biomes are distributed in various categories.

The final result is just amazing and you can download Scatter 5 beta for free in the link below, but also you can find this tool as well in the link below.

You can use the code BPA15 to get a 15%off on this tool.


Full project on my Behance portfolio:

GrassBlades addon+Library

Scatter 5 (Beta version is free):


Congratulation @hilth
these renders looks absolutely stunning :wink: and thanks for the little shout out

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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