And yes, last time I checked Blender was mentioned a couple of times.

JAJAJAJ there’s somes funnys

haha nice :), mentioned other software too.

This one cracked me up…

Having used ADSK products professionally since 1994, I can safely say that lack of experience doesn’t make their negative opinions any less valid. :wink:

The only negative opinion they can logically have is that it cost too much, which is still subjective. Just parroting what you see others say without actual experience with the said software packages doesn’t make their opinions valid, only their mimicry.

Ok… so their mimicry is valid. I agree.

Been using Autodesk (3DS, Maya, Softimage, Mudbox, AutoCAD, etc.) for 12 years, the only things that are even close to not being a clusterf*** are Mudbox and Softimage. Everything else has so much bloat and visual garbage, it’s ridiculous. I’ve heard 3DS is better in the last year or so, but I haven’t had occasion to play with it recently.

Thats BS. I really have trouble believing you have used them for 12 year, and if you did well then i dont know what to tell you. Maya, 3ds max, soft image… those are no more “bloated” than any other major full featured 3d suite including blender. Maybe I just dont understand what you mean by bloated though, since it doesnt make any contextual sense. Take Maya for example, it has menus on the top with clear naming conventions, a small set of icons to the left and layers + attribute info to the right. Time line on the bottom. How is this bloated? How is that a Cluster funk as you put it? Control spacebar and its all gone, you can work with little to no interface and just use the hotbox to access anything you need in the application. If anything, you could argue something like Maya’s workspace is too simple.

The only valid complaints I can see thrown at autodesk, especially by those who dont actually use their products, is that their business model is garbage… another iffy one is in regards to how much or how little they actually update between versions, but that ties directly into business model again.

I give the same reaction in that picture when someone explains how bad blender is at modeling btw, its about keeping it objective. A lot of those meme’s have a ring of truth to them, including the one I posted.

Maya is disgustingly bloated compared to most other 3D suites. You can’t say that’s BS, it’s a sentiment shared all over the world in any CG forum you can find. Unless it’s been overhauled in the past three months or so, it’s just features upon features shoehorned into the same old UI that didn’t have reasonable space for expansion a half a decade ago, and still doesn’t now. Last time I checked 3DS it wasn’t much better. I personally love the way that Softimage is organized, and wish it would become the standard over at Autodesk.

Also, if they keep forcing “features” into the view cube that no one wants with each update, they’re only going to piss off more people.

However, you’re an incredible Autodesk apologist in at least 80% of the posts I’ve seen of yours on here, so I don’t expect and of this to hit home. I’m not saying Blender is perfect, but to say that Autodesk’s flagship products are thousands of dollars better is just silly.

Funny original post, but a friendly reminder that Software A vs Software B threads of any kind have a habit of getting themselves locked fairly quickly.

Even when the original post wasn’t about Software A vs Software B.

Whether or not Maya is bloated is debatable. One could argue it’s simply fulfilling the various needs of its many distinct user bases. The problem however is that it feels bloated. There are very many features that are useful in only a very narrow context. It’s nice that those features exist but they’re overwhelming, and they crowd out what you’re really looking for most of the time. I’ll admit I haven’t used Maya in a good long while though.

Since its really not in line with this thread, I am not going to get into this here. If you wish we can create a new thread in the other software forum and discuss this in detail if you wish.

There is one thing I do want to address quickly though, and that is your claim that I am an “incredible autodesk apologist”. This makes no sense to me, and it feels like you mean it as a form of insult. I dont think an “apologist” would call their business model garbage. It just kind of shows you are not reading my posts fairly but rather jumping to some other conclusion, one that was never there to begin with. Maybe its a confirmation bias at play, I dont know.

Anyways, back to Memes ok? PM me or make a new thread if you want to discuss further and or in detail.

Funny…very funny…

Ya know, when a company who shall remain nameless (as to not further aggravate Samuel L, there), creates and sells products at exorbitant prices which make you want to slam your face into your monitor, not once a week, or once a day, but 3 times before lunch, you have got to expect a certain amount of “bias” and “emotional responses”

Agree, and if that emotional response and face slamming is targeting the pricing and business model only, then its completely rational…though I think the products themselves are quite blameless as they are very good tools. That is what most likely causes the frustration… Its like dropping a diamond in a dirty toilet… you want the diamond and are pissed (pun) you have to wade through a bunch of sh*t just to get it. If the products were not good, I dont think anyone would really care what the business model was. Thankfully there are always alternatives, some better at somethings, some worse.

Anyway, being aware of bias is the first step in getting rid of it. In the behavioral sciences, bias is defined as the interference of rational thought.

And as for samuel L up there, dont let him fool you…he’s a Lightwave guy.

from my experience using max and acad, its not just the price:
I feel that the bugfixing in blender works much better/faster as in metioned adsk prod. When posting a blender bug to the tracker often within 36hrs it was fixed by someone. Same with max means wating for next release and to pay. Yes there are hotfixes and service packs… Just remembering a bug after sp1 release in max2009 when saving an rendered image which accidently overwrites priviously selected images for filename picking… No hotfix for that nothing but 2010 to purchase…
Short while i ago i read about metioned bugs by the selected max beta testers, exactly a lot of these bugs are still present in final release…
Why yearly release unfinished but polished stuff?

Business model. More releases = more money. If there are any bugs, often times they are put on a fix list for the next release or a service pack update. They want more people to be on subscription plans as opposed to buying one copy and not buying every upgrade. Blender works differently though, open source means community project. Fixes can happen fast, but so can bugs, as well as the cost of unified vision. Pros and cons. The business model for most cg applications is usually not the most moral or user friendly, which in part why Blender became a community project.

reasons widely used max: biggest modellib available, “easy” cad data exchange with acad, model lib based drag n drop work; often no need for 3d skills for most archiviz needs, feed universities with right ple stuff, -> big userbase… focus on more money = less focus on quality of product …time goes by… =>earn less money.