CGP: Storm your brain up!!!

well, since the brainstorming was scheduled for this WE, and nobody does the first move…here it is :slight_smile:

what we must define:

  1. game type/basic gameplay:

as i already said, i think we should choose a game type and adapt it to our needs, accordingly to the pool “10 best games” i’ve started, i appears to be fps/rpg (exactly as i thought) and featuring a third person view toggle (like in morrowind) could be useful.
We should shape up the gameplay’s bases, what the player can do, will it be level/mission based or something more “free”, will there be NPC, could the player die…

  1. universe/story:

-choose a time (present day, future, past, total fantasy…) that could be historically accurate or not (make our own history)
=> we could then build the background of universe and elaborate a story, see if the player could interact and make it evolve in one way or another.

Once this is done we could choose a graphic style and refine gameplay
And of course, think of choosing a “leader” to help the project to “stay on tracks”.

what i have in mind right now:

a fps/rpg in a post apocalyptic/sci-fi universe (mix between fallout/deusEx), near future or alternative history (like iron storm, where war never ended). Infiltration component is great, it would be good that the player at some point could decide what to do (good/bad) and that will change the story (or at least try to).
The game don’t need to be very complex with hundreds of ennemies, we could use puzzles/traps (Fade to black, flashback sequel).
Important things are relative freedom and a good background universe for immersion of the player. Should feature intro sequence explaining some things (but not too much) and cinematographic style cutscenes and detail scenes (like in flashback when u pickup an object).
well that’s all for now and enough for ppls to react to/give advices.

Umm, scherten you might be getting ahead of yourself a little here. We’ve got to slow down a bit I think. So far there’s 17 people that said they’d be helping in the community project. It’s good to take input from other community members that aren’t going to participate in the project, but we have to take into account the comments of those that are actually working on the project. In the end I guess it’ll be influence from the Elysiun community and the pick of those participating in the project that’ll decide what genre the game is going to be. Ah shoot, still missing the head count of the missing 7.

Before brainstorming should start, can the 17 please post with their nick and state what game they would like to make. Overwhelming community poll showed fps/rpg.

I myself think a fps/rpg would be a good pick as well. Although if we’re able to create an entirely different genre, I’m all for it.

Jason Lin

I’d have to say FPS/RPG. (would FPRPG or RPFPS be a good acronym?)

Also, a friend of mine wrote a story a while back, and it’s not half bad… i think it would be a good storyline for a movie or a game. (he actually wanted me to make a movie in blender about it, but i told him I couldn’t right now)
The only problem is it’s based on The Matrix (it’s a fanfiction…) and it’s his story. But, I dont think he’d have a problem if we based a game off of it, and just changed a lot of stuff.

It was like 17 pages long though, so I’m going to make sure he’s comfortable with that before I go ahead and post it, lol. (I could alternatively PM it or email it to someone if they really want to see it soon)

no problemo 8)
the post will wait till everyone is ready…
and i didn’t meant to decide what genre we must go for, it was just my personal advice and to make a start

snailrose -any (or) preferred FPRPG :slight_smile:

I asked someone and they said FPRPS works better.
Is there just like a guy out there who writes all this stuff down all day and posts it somewhere? Seriously, who comes up with all this stuff?
(* i’m reminded of swears. Why are they “bad” words? I mean, fk is an intriguing word, it can be used as any part of a given sentence, or even as almost every part of the sentence. fk the fking fkers!)

Here’s some test I been doing, sorry it sucks but I’m a slow learner when it comes to blender.

You know, it might be possable to do both UV animation and scroll together, that would create a nice result.

Hmm, so does this mean you’re in for the community game project Al_Capone? If you are just post here with the time you’re able to meet up online and talk

Jason Lin

Nope, not it, because all my textures are public.

@al_capone: i don’t understand, your with us or not?
well even if your textures are public u can join the project and use them in or not…
i don’t get it

@superw10: well i think we are better off matrix for this project.
there is a game about matrix (it sux) and another in the works, plus i don’t think it’s a good idea to base the project on a well known/hyped universe. Besides that i’m not a great fan of matrix, albeit the first one was great, the others were quite sucky in my opinion :wink:

Wait Al_Capone, do you mean that the textures you’re using are public (you didn’t make it yourself?). If that’s the case, yeah, the textures can’t be used in the Community Project if the game will be sold. If you did create them yourself and you want your textures to be public, that can be doable too. Well, we welcome any community members to join in with the project anytime. :smiley: Hehe, as soon as we get the project off the ground.

Jason Lin

i agree about the second and third matrix movies.

what i was suggesting is that we just take away the matrixy theme, or change it a lot at least, and bam, post apocalyptic universe with a semi midieval theme to it. (Actually it’s more of the beginning of the Renaissance, as his story takes place after the humans made peace with the machines)

We cant really use it anyway, he said that he’d rather attempt to sell it to WB after it’s “finished” (i thought it was… heh)
But, he did say that if they don’t accept it, we can use it… I told him that we would only be able to use it at all though now if we don’t get things up and running by then… which, it seems, we’re going to, so…

No, I mean public as Free that is already being use for other games. Wouldn’t be right to give out free textures and then make them commercial now would it ?

I’m out of making anything for the game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute ideas. What about my suggestion of a dungeon crawler game ? I won’t buy it if it’s Sci-Fi. It seems like sci-fi and nerds are completely together, because that’s all I see on the Internet.

By the way, if I were you, I would of use a forum with notification, people are too busy to remember IRC meetings

@al_capone: well if you have free textures and that we use them, then they will stay free in the project (with a license file explaining it) there is no problem with that…

and when i say sci-fi, it’s more something low-tech, post-apocalypric or deusEx style…no spaceship and so
in fact i like to blend old things like a “zepplin” with some weird technology in it…

Looks quiet nice too see people actually working on a project, try to make everything by yourself, so you’re totally free from patent rights of textures and so on. :slight_smile:

So you referring to a Mist or Final Fantasy tech ?

yeah why not, we are not bound to a definit universe…
we can make everything we want, as long as it “satnds up” and is coherent. Foe example, in morrowind, there are giant flea that can be used to travel long distances, it’s not real but coherent in this universe.
we must find an original idea/univers, we could for example take natural things like a plant and put some technology in it so it became a lifeform which is moving/eating/whatever.
Maybe a good theme could be “ever growing technology/ever decreasing nature” could in our world the nature polluted by radiation/trash transform into something able to kick our ass and “re-conquer” the earth… :smiley:
that would be fun and instructive

Go Planet !!!

I thought you had something else in mind like PlaneShift

haven’t played planeshift, what is it about?