CGP - Your 10 ever Best Games?

well, to give all chances to this project, i thought that it would be great to know what the “blender community” want the most for a game genre and what are the games they likes.
Give 10 or more games that you have particulary loved and say why. It can be anything from pong to hl2, it just must be a game that you like because it’s exceptionnal. Pleas don’t say doom3 or hl2 for their graphics because graphics are not enough to make a game 8) and is irrelevant for blender.

well, let’s start:

-DeusEX1: freedom, universe, story telling, rpg aspect
-fallout2: universe, combat system, freedom
-guiltygearXX: gameplay, graphics, music
-morrowind: universe, freedom, exploration, skill system
-flashback: gameplay, story
-ufo: research/combat system combo
-toejam&earl: 2 player gameplay, funky universe
-LBA: graphic style, gameplay
-street of rage2: 2 player mode, gameplay
-system shock2: like deusex but a bit less
-sonci3: graphics, speed, bonuses
-AVP2: the most frightening fps ever played

[EDIT] i forgot some :slight_smile:

-ff7: simply the best final fantasy, low-tech universe, good battle system and the story is awsomne
-Castelvania SOTN: unique gameplay, musik, graphics…the story don’t matter it’s just 2d hack’n’slash

Deus Ex1
The Elder Scrolls Morrowind
Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines
(Battlefield) - kinda
Warcraft III
Knight Online(MMORPG)

I don’t know why I like them - maybe because of role palying

Gothic 2
Star Wars - Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy

A few games I really enjoyed playing:

Planetside - A MMOFPS with massive battles, often with upto 100 people at once. These were simply amazing to take part in.

Gothic II - One of the most immersive RPGs I’ve played.

Starcraft - Fun and addicting gameplay.

The Final Fantasy Series - Great stories and character progression systems. XI was too much of a level grind though :frowning:

Horizons - Fantastic tradeskill system, developing your own plot of land, and some inspiring landscapes.

Baldur’s Gate - Great gameplay, combat, and character development.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time - Well, besides being the best game ever made, here’s why: It’s got a good story, great great gameplay, it’s consistent, and it’s just so creative. It’s also REALLY fun to play, which should be the main aspect. Oh yes, and the music. The best, most fun music in a game. Ever. :smiley:

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask - This is good for all of the same reasons that LoZ:OoT is, but the music is just fantastic. Plus, the characters are lively, and interesting, as well as the “mini-games”. Another reason I liked both of these is the puzzles. Oh man, those puzzles are hard, but they are FUN. :smiley:

Megaman Legends - Besides having great music, which is a must, the story is fun, and the characters…well, they have so much character! The gameplay is great, too, and the graphics just set the mood perfecty.

Megaman Legends 2 - For the same reasons…

Castlevania: Symphony of the night - Oh man, I love this game. The music is FANTASTIC, the gameplay is smooth and engrossing, and the graphics are top-notch. But what makes it fun? The story. without this amazing story, it would be nothing. The boss battles are classic, too.

Kingdom Hearts - Hohoho…One of my very favorites. The gameplay is FUN, it has good music, the story is great, and it has an overall focus on fun thwich I haven’t seen in quite a while in games…
Near the end, it gets really epic and awe-inspiring, and it also gets very dramatic. VERY EXCELLENT, this is the kind of game I would someday like to make. :smiley: The graphics are awesome, too, I don’t think It would be nearly as good without them.

Final Fantasy X - Well, what can I say, It’s an amazing RPG. It has all of the qualities which make you look back and cry because you’ve beaten it already, namely: It’s utterly great story, the amazing graphics, the characters which you can really relate to, and the gameplay. Yep…

Legend of Dragoon - I can’t tell you how great an RPG this is. It just immerses you with it’s great, epic story, and it doesn’t let go with it’s amazing gameplay, and the distinctive graphics. If I could choose to forget this game and play it again, I would. And I would pay 50$ for it. :smiley:

Splinter cell - You know, the stealth gameplay is what makes this game, obviously, but what I really remember, looking back, is the great level design. Very fun indeed.

Starcraft - Gameplay. Period. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doom 3 - not graphics (although that would be nice), but that almost movie-like feel to it

Omikron: The Nomad Soul - very immersive… to the point where you travel to a parallel dimension and enter another person’s body before the real game actually starts. Ok music if you like David Bowie, pretty good story, and graphics i think Blender could probably handle. Also you can walk, run, drive, shoot etc, plus you can like mix things (at one point you have to put sleeping pills in someone’s coffee, for example)

Quake 3 - frantic, fast paced, and it had good graphics in its day

I also agree with most of the games listed above

omg omikron the nomad soul is my all time 100% best game ever made the story and gameplay is just so big and you can come off the tracks of the pre-built storylines becouse when you die you can choose who you will be resurected into, too bad my cd got scratched and is unplayable :frowning: :frowning: oh and why i also like it is david bowie is one of my fav music artist


that’s crazy, that’s what happened to one of my discs! i cant even install it anymore…

mine doesnt install either
heres what the cd is like

notice in side the red circle there is like a ring that is indented like 2 mil and i think that is why it doesnt work yet i have no idea how it got there


(lol im sure putting it in the scanner really doesnt help :slight_smile: )

old school, secret of mana for the snes, and final fantasy?? for the snes :slight_smile:

Legend Of Legai - RPG that had the best turn based battle system in my opinion.
Black and White - Greatest game with the most freedom. However, I think it’d be to hard to make in Blender.
BattleField 1942 and Halo - Just two real great FPS game.
Super Smash Brothers - Still fun with multiplayer. Can never get tired of it. Best fighting game ever and the graphics aren’t top notch compared to today’s standerds too.

Hmm, personally I have no preference to what community game we should make. :smiley: I leave the decision up to everyone else who I believe may have more gaming experience then me.

We should make a game that’s not too hard and not too easy. Unless we have a great coder or a team of coders that’ll be able to make it possible. We shouldn’t aim to do a rts, it’s a bit too much to handle. If this is even possible, something real unique that nobody has ever done before. This way it won’t be able to be compared to any other game.

Jason Lin

GTA - San Andreas & Vice City
GranTrismo 3

I dont think i spelled half of them right

Ahhh, interesting topic. I feel compelled to reply only to a fraction of this topic. My 10 best games. So here goes:

MultiPlayer Games;FPS - Quake 2 (Lokis Minion Capture the Flag (LMCTF)) - Basically the best online modification made for Quake 2, main focus on teamplay and fast (offhand hook) gameplay. I participated in several online and LAN tournaments. Fun as hell :smiley: - This era is however over since the release of Quake 3.

FPS - Quake 3 (Capture the Flag) and much later (Lokis Revenge Capture the Flag (LRCTF)) - Like Q3 is for Q2, LRCTF is for LMCTF, but most of the community was already gone and the modification never took off.SinglePlayer Games;FPS - Tron 2.0 - An old favorite movie comes to life in a game. It is a must have for me :slight_smile:

FPS/RPG - System Shock 2 - This game will always be a favorite of mine due to the scifi aspect of the game combined with the thinktank activities required to play it - Very high replayability. The enemy modeling/animations suck hard though.

FPS/RPG - Deus Ex 2 - The next best thing to what System Shock 2 had plus a number of new stuff to play with. The enemy “running animations” could have been done better.

FPS - Alien vs Predator 2 - Being a Alien fan, these came natural :smiley: . Scary as hell :o

FPS - Star wars - Jedi Academy - Fun saber fights can be achieved in this game.

FPS - Farcry - Pure fps with stunning graphics. Wow, is that water?!? :o

FPS - Doom 3 - Pure fps with stunning graphics. Story is a little thin but becomes natural after a while. The coolest thing I saw in this game was steem coming out of a pipe on the floor. :o

FPS - Half Life 2 - Pure fps with cool story line and stunning graphics. Breath taking animations (best I’ve seen).That complete my favorite list of ten. I have others too…MP - FPS - Unreal Tournament 2004 - Lots of vehicle activity combined with teamplay makes this a playworthy online game.
SP - FPS - Splinter Cell 2 - Sneaky as hell :wink:
SP - FPS - Noone Lives forever 2 - Funny FPS.
SP - FPS/RPG - Project Eden - Best RPG game in a FPS I’ve played to date.
SP - FPS/RPG - Battlezone 2 - Build and command units.
SP - RPG - Ground Control 2 - Build and command units.

Max Payne 1 (PC)
Caesar III (PC)
No one lives forever 2 (PC)
Star Trek Elite Force (PC)

Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening (GB)
Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Seasons (GBC)
Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Ages (GBC)
Legend of Zelda : The Minish Cap (GBA)
Street Fighter 2 (Arcade)
F-ZERO (Super Nintendo)
Super Mario Bros (Game n Watch)
Metroid (GB)
Golden Axe > the RPG (Sega Master System)

I must stop, but I think you have understand I like oldies and good games, and all these emulation stuff !

Pig-cops, hot strippers and a bad-ass hero. No other game EVER has managed to find this perfect balance of action and tongue-in-cheek humour!

An old game for the classic ATARI LYNX. It’s a rip-off of Gradius, but it’s brilliant in it’s imagination and feeling for alien worlds. Classic!

It’s not a perfect game (what have the Japanese to do with ancient empires?? And how do these guys fit in those small houses?) but it’s the best strategy game I’ve ever played.

The first, and best. Incredibly simple, but so much fun to play! And no stupid UFO’s. You’ve got GODZILLA to rampage through your city.

Has there been any other game were you can climb out of your spaceship with mag-boots and blast your enemies of it’s hull to see them float into the cold, black space? I think NOT!


hercules from disney (nice idea 2d with 3d)
sacrefice (awesome game)
unreal1,2 (good gameplay)
unreal tournament 1, 2003, 2004

Another one to add to my list: ZERO WING :smiley:
What happen ?
Somebody set us up the bomb
We get signal
Main screen turn on !!
It’s you !!
How are you gentlemen !!
All your base are belong to us
What you say?
You have no chance to survive make your time
Ha Ha Ha Ha

I forget the rest, I havent played it in ages… I’ll remember later though, when i’m doing my homework :stuck_out_tongue:

the games i like are …

The GTA series
Halo, Halo 2
Jak and Daxter 2
Metal Arms
Metal Gear Solid Series
Alien VS Predator
Tom Raider Chronicles
Splinter Cell
Zelda Four Swords
Metroid fusion
Advanced Wars series
Ms. Pac-Man
Missile Command

OMG! i could go on forever i should stop…:smiley:

1-10 Nethack :wink:

Wow! is amazing how ppl can still count today…lol

I miss the game “Out of this World” by interplay. That was a true masterpeice. Side scrolling but endless animation and a great action story. Along with the original “Prince of Persia” Truely unique games.

<drumroll please>