cgRoundup Podcast

If you’ve not heard about this podcast I’d recommend you have a listen. It covers all areas of computer graphics, with Jonathan Williamson one of the hosts so blender is therefore nicely represented. Episode 4 has just been posted.


the interview with Richard about wings3d was very informative and interesting…

the one with Jonathan is so disappointing… it felt like the interviewer was saying random things about wings, xsi, silo and Jonathan was there to comment… the first half of it was all about wings3d and how the last interview could’ve been done better…
i wish he gives more voice to his guests next time…

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Fun show overall, but is it me, or does Andrew seem a little condescending towards Blender and its community?

Hi there, :slight_smile:

Just thought i should mention the interview was solely focused on Richard. Jonathan co-hosts the show with me so he is in every episode to date and we talk about blender quite a bit (even though i dont use it, i can appreciate its appeal/functionality).
Right now, the first string of interviews we are doing on the show are to indulge our personal curiosities, i knew i could get Richard on the show, so i wanted to ask him all about Wings.

Jonathan has someone in mind to talk to about Blender, and for that show he will be in the driving seat conducting the interview (wouldn’t make sense for me to do it :))

Apologies if i may have seemed a little random at times, sometimes you have to mention/reference other packages, so those listening who don’t use Wings can relate.

The funny thing is a few Wings users felt i spent too much time on Blender. :yes:

But i hope you enjoy the other episodes that we have to offer and there is certainly more to come, as Jonathan said in our most recent episode, his interview might be with someone related to the Durian project? (its certain that it will be someone from the Blender community) :cool:

3toedSloth : It’s just some friendly banter :), I envy the Blender community and wish all programs had the development and support you guys get.


thanks for the post, and sorry if i sounded a bit negative… i should learn to stop criticizing everything…

i forgot to mention how good and fun it is to have a podcast about 3d OSS programs that are not popular because we haven’t heard about them any other way…

i didn’t know jonathan was a co-host, i thought he was a guest and that’s why i was expecting more of him than yourself…

keep up the good work…

It’s no big deal, Andrew, I still love the show. :slight_smile: Maybe I’m just oversensitive to that stuff on account of all the “blender vs [insert random commercial software]” debates that seem to sprout around our community.

I do wish more open source apps would get the kind of support and dedication Blender gets. Maybe then I could switch permanently to linux and give Microsoft and Adobe the boot.

Quick comment about the show: I enjoyed the interviews a lot more than the sections where you guys comment on news stories. There is nothing wrong with talking about stories you read on the internet, but if you’re going to do that, you should really add some insight or information that could not be obtained by simply reading the original content.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the next installment! :slight_smile: