Cgsociety B-Movie Contest Entry

This is my entry for the contest without the Text

Title: The Bear Witch Project


Thanks For looking! :smiley:

Very very professional work sir. Congrats. 5 stars from me.

could you provide a link?
…it’s like teddy-ruxbin meets pet cemetery…

where is it?

Soooo unexpected…congrat , unusually magic fusion of dreams and colours…beautyfull…5 stars

I don’t see a link either.

Here’s the link:

Overall I like how it turned out but I have to say that I could have done so much more. Reason being is I change my concepts a couple of times. Lesson learned. :eyebrowlift:

Thank you guys for looking and for the comments. Sorry, I don’t know what happened to the link I hope you guys can see it now tell me if you can’t.

Software Use:
Modeling and rendering

Sculpting, textures, and uv mapping <---- this is awsome plugin:D

Normal Maps<------ this is a free program one of the best normal map maker so I’ve read and I tried it it works really well better then ZBrush
Here’s the Link:
And tutorials on how to use it:

Textures and final Touchups


Groovy, that’s some freaky stuff there, I like how much you have put in it :smiley: even the tree looks like something I’d rather go round by far.

crreeeppily awesome!

5 stars from me, very imaginative scene.

Colour tone across the whole image is too muddy for my liking. I would have loved a bit more saturation and contrast.


Thank You Sir! Thank you for noticing the effort I put into this :smiley:

Creepy was one of the things I was looking for so Thank YOU! :smiley:

I got hyped seeing the Five Stars, Thank you!!! :smiley:

I’m my worst critic and I believe in improvement :yes:

So thank you for your input.