Heres something to keep you busy on those cold winter evenings:

This website is dedicated to the evolution of technical and creative 3D sphere design and you’re invited to participate! The purpose is simple; create the most captivating and visually appealing sphere from our provided scene using your 3D program and renderer of choice. We encourage everyone to submit his or her renders regardless of their skill level so long as they adhere to the rules. However, those with the best renders will receive the highest ratings and possibly make the front page. Your goal is to rise to the top, through the use of clever ideas, thoughtful execution, technical expertise, and dazzling presentation. Above all, have fun creating your submission…

I’ve sent a blend template file to Richard Rosenman who runs the site.
Or you can get it here:
So there’s no stopping you now :wink:

changes default Blender settings so that a sphere appears

he he, damn i started doing a Cube one back a few years ago, in my spare time as a drawing excercise, good to see someone turn it into a challenge website.


If anyone is interested, I’ve fitted the camera from the imported LWO-files
(which was a mess!).
The file can be reached here:
We cannot have a competition without Blender, can we? :smiley:

Oh god! Its like im in hell!!!

Hell is a sphere you cant get out of, you run, but all you do is run in circles.

I hate spheres. We should do 1 better and do a cube one!

Marve…I checked out your scene, and your camera is slightly off center to the right. I readded it and adjusted the lens and position for accuracy. Good job, though. The updated .zip is here:

This looks like a lot of fun - and practice, too! It would be really cool to have a signifacant Blender presence over there. I’m off back to work, but I may just have to put together a submission. We’ll see.

Wow, I just found this today during my 3ds max class…one of the students was looking at it.

So I went to the site and downloaded the template, then opened it in Max and exprorted it to .3ds.

Now today someone posts about the same topic…:eek:

go figure

Saw this on 3dtotal… It seems like everyone discovered it at the same time.

That’s because the original template is slightly off to the right, I’m pretty sure
it fits, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh, I might jump in on this one, looks like fun. I like the rules too . . . and remember to use the floor grid as it’s needed for consistency. :smiley:

I just added one then :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the image looks a bit crappy on that page thanks to their JPEG recompression…

Ooh, the second one I made is now the 4th highest rated, on their front page :slight_smile:

If we get the highest rank with Blender, then Blender will get even more popular.
Ideas: fluid simulation with spherical shape, soft body globe, fractals, etc.

Nice ones, broken :slight_smile:

You inspired me to try one.

Here’s mine:

Fun project!


Hey, thats a cool entry RobertT. I just voted for it, and its now #1. Woohoo!!!


Awesome entry, Robert.
Not that it is a surprise or anything.

Now I am wondering how you made it. I would guess loads of curve modifiers and cleverness.


WOW thanks!

I just checked out the home page and was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to nozzy as well for mentioning this site.

BTW, no curves were used, just edge mode work on a UVSphere and variably-powered proportional editing on a subdivided mesh that is just over 170k verts. Additional spheres sharing the object center were then added.

As for the concept and the title, this “Quantum Sphere” was designed as a visual metaphor for things like the Uncertainty Principle and “quantum leaps.”


you rule!

(no really, the second one is nice)

site is still strange i think.


I think it’s fun :slight_smile: I really like the idea of coming up with concepts within very limited constraints. I’m not so interested with the ones on that site that are just showing off some fancy render option, but I like the ones that take the idea of the sphere and do something clever and creative with it.

Funny, I found this yesterday at :O…