CGTalk 2004 CG retrospective

Just noticed this:

They’re compiling votes for the most influential moments in CG throughout this year, so if you’re a CGTalk member, you can go and vote. Note: the release of Blender 2.35 is on the shortlist :slight_smile:

vote has been cast! :smiley:

I’m sorry - do you really think releasing b2.35 (with all do respect!) is the most importent thing that happend this year in the 3d world. I mean the programers are working now on releasing 2.36 which suppose to cover the buggy 2.35 no? So maby I’m not a patriot but I won’t vote for this one. Personally I voted for somthing I want t belive that blender made a point in - and that’s the 3-democracy.

Sure, I wasn’t implying that everyone should go and vote for Blender, I was making a point that it’s interesting that CGTalk, a historically Blender-unfriendly site now believes that one of the Blender releases is significant enough to make that list. I think it’s an interesting sign of the times. Plus, you can rank your votes anyway, so it’s not like saying this one event is the most influential thing to happen all year.

Em, @ner ? If you voted for the topmost item you voted for XSI… not Blender.

2.35 is buggy but voting for it was the only chance we had to express our belief that Blender is making a difference in 3D. I wish we had a better formulated choice but we don’t.


yeap, even if I’m not for voting fanatically for blender, voting for XSI is like going on the evil side :wink:

3-Democracy is a Avid|Softimage product.

As for me, I couldn’t find anything really worth voting… I mean: if I don’t listen to my blender soul, i wouldn’t vote for blender :wink:


People here sound like you only get to vote on one event, when in fact you get to rate all events on a scale of 1-5, so giving Blender a good grade won’t hurt, as long as you also acknowledge other important contributions.

Yea, I saw this a few days ago. Voted. :stuck_out_tongue: