CGTalk Cyborg Contest WIP *Update 4

I figured I’d join the ‘machine flesh’ contest over at CGTalk. How do you like my cyborg so far? C and C?

good concept, i would make lots of small holes that you can see the electronics through rather then one huge cut on one half of the face.

good drawing too.


I think it would look better without the antennas…and maybe have some connections on the back of the head…btw which are you going for, the 2d or 3d?

This is not a sketch it is the actual beginning of my piece. I will refine it, but not change it drastically.
<edit> btw my inspiration for this is the comic book character ‘deathlock’, who is actually quite an old character, but recently made a comeback in the comic world.

You obviously going for the 2d side of the challenge, are you doing a 3d entry as well?

Dig the style, very Solid Snake/Metal gear. Needs some refining and line enhancement, but very good start non the less.


Thanks,…I considered doing a 3D, but I figured I’d have a better chance in 2D.

sorry to say this, but the concept is pretty typical…


I am aware of this, but I like it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:
<edit> now that i think of it, the more typical and generic it is, the more likely it is to be well recieved at CGTalk. At least that seems to be the current trend.

minor update
<edit> here’s my CGTalk thread,…there’s a more recent version there.

Good luck with the challenge, Modron. Your entry is looking good.



That is very cool MOdron. I agree with basse thst it si opretty typical, but I also agree with you on the point about it needing to be somewhat typical to be received well.

I have entered the 3D challenge. I have a good idea and written it down. Just need to get my sketching skills back up to snuff and post a concept sketch.

Good luck to you.


Thanks. Good luck to you as well.

Here’s where I’m at currently. C&C welcome.

looks very depressed, uve done a good job so far

Thanks, and yes, he’s not a cheery type, but as I see him he’s more machine than person. He’s a futuristic soldier, programmed to fight and obey orders, and if there was a part of him that wished to act independantly, he would have to stifle it, because I figure he has some kind of remote device that can electricute him, or blow him up, or something, if he fails to carry out his duty. He might even be like the Jango Fet clones in star wars, genetically modified to obey orders.

hmm, you need to rethink lighting a wee bit there, its a little flat. this is very cool, i like it a lot. i hope you’re working at an outrageously large size so you can do an obscene amount of detail :wink:

what programme + tablet?

wacom tablet and photoshop elements so far, but I am about ready to put it into pixia for some stuff. I have been working on the lighting,…maybe I have fixed it,…but also, since i might make something in the background I’ll probably have to change it. I need to step away from it for a bit to tell, and yes, it is quite huge. I have been working on some little details already but I still haven’t even decided what to do as a background.

I’m trying to make him less terminator/borg-like by putting some humanity back into him, what do you think?

Wow man that’s really cool! Love it!

One thing you could do to remove some of “bord like” and stuff is to not only make the right side of his head mechanical. You could add flesh on the bottom right to cover the area that is all under his nose. And then add another mechanical part on the lower left part of his head (lower right on the picture) and some small spot of flesh on the forehead mechanical area. And what if his mechanical eye was truned into a real eye ball. With things that hold it in the hole.

my 2cent :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the picture, but i think you should try and take away the bluriness in it. Good luck in the contest