CGTalk Hardcore Modeling Challenge: Up to 30 Models in 30 Days

There’s an interesting new modeling challenge (not a true contest but more of a self-challenge without any material prizes) at that might be of interest to anyone looking to expand their modeling experience:

There are three different ways to participate. You can attempt to create 10, 20, or 30 models within 30 days.

Here’s their rules thread and here’s my entry thread. I’m attempting the Platinum level (30 models).

This is my first model, fan brush based on their “art brush” theme:

They have it set up so you can go either the “Daily Model” or “Pick and Choose” route (or one or the other as you go along), so you can model what you want from a long list of topics they posted or wait for the daily model theme to be announced.

Materials are said to be optional, as this is foremost a modeling challenge.

It would be nice to see some Blenderheads there :slight_smile:


I looked at that thread and since modeling is not my favorite thing I am working on this.

Thread here
A lighting challenge. I to would like to see some blenderheads here:) .
Nice brush and keep us up on your models. I saw some one else here with some models for this.

Looks so cool to participate but have to study…

By the way Robert do you mean those hair are hand made out of cilinders?

shr1k: Cool, thanks for the info :wink: I hope we see some familiar faces over in either of those challenges, especially with so many talented people in this forum.

snelleeddy: Ah, always those studies, yes :slight_smile: Yes, those hairs are all modeled, but not with cylinders. I used loop-sliced boxes with a subsurface level of two for the closeup. It could have been done with particle hair instead, but I do enjoy the very serious mesh-modeling-specific challenge a contest like this provides, along with the varied competition of users using so many different applications and methods. Very educational in its own way too :slight_smile:


Two down, 28 more to go for me :wink:

Here’s my second one from the Art category (tube of paint):

Due to time constraints, I’m basically treating these all like speed models as well. I’m hoping to do two or more a day of these wherever possible.

To keep the renders as fast loading as possible at the required dimensions, all images are being saved and posted as 70-80% quality jpegs, so compression artifacts are present.

Each project carries with it 5 renders (three orthogonal views, one large final render, and one forum sized final render), so while the modeling is fast, all the other stuff (uploading, posting, describing each entry) can take some time to work through.

Looks like they just added even more concepts to the list of possible modeling categories at CGTalk.


Did another one tonight, choosing from a different category…


Nice swords. Thanks for the invite, too, RobertT.

concerning your paint tubes,
I looked at some metal tubes lying around here and it looked to me that the back/end/flat thing was first folded back and then squashed together to prevent leaking instead of just squashed like with plastic toothpaste kinda tubes.

like here

Just tought a wee bit more detail might help cuzz there is tough concurence.


Saxofoner: Thanks :slight_smile:

snelleeddy: Yes, good point about the crease. These things are being modeled as fast as possible :slight_smile: The current mesh would allow for such a crease though. While we can go back and update models until the closing point, I have to keep pushing ahead with the topics.

Here’s one of the renders from my fourth entry from the category of cars (Model T), also approached as a speed model…

Time for this was around 3.5 hours.


5th one done, this time from the organic category.

3 hours, 15 minutes total. All procedurals on the fish, all pure Blender.

Getting some encouraging replies from some CGTalkers too :slight_smile:

Plenty of time left in case anyone wants to enter :wink:


Killing! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Calvin :)Time for another update…

Entry 6

The modeling topic list for the challenge has been expanded once again at CGTalk.

I saw “strawberry” and thought I might try something with that. Two and a half hours later here we are…

Beauty Render:

Top view:

As with all of these, pure Blender 2.42.


Nice job so far. I liked the car especially. Although I think your strawberries could have a better material. Of course they are looking good in their own way but not in sense of realism. (Although I am not sure if that was the goal.)

The strawberries I have seen and eaten are like this:

Its colour is of darker red and the surface is filled with these small yellow things with even distance that is about diameter of a yellow thingy. Also the surface is not totally smooth. Notice this in hard specularity.

I am looking forward to seeing your future entries.

Holy cow RobertT! How’s the mouse and keyboard holding up under the pressure?!?!

Must keep an eye on this thread!

Wow, thats quite a challenge. Your models are excellent, except the fish. The textures look kinda funny, are those procedurals?

Anyway, good luck!

BeBraw: Thanks! Yes, the strawberries are meant to be more artistic than real (like much of my typical 3D work). Most of the modelers in this challenge at CGTalk are not even bothering with shaders. One of my goals is to have some of the best looking renders possible within the time limits.

AndyD: Haha, thanks :slight_smile: I’m working my computer overtime for this, jumping project to project. I have to get these right within the first two or three renders, or else I could fall behind. That’s already happening to some of the “silver” and “gold” level competitors (10 and 20 models respectively). I just have to keep on pushin’ :wink:

Ven0mSevenX: Thanks! I kind of liked the fish textures. They’re complex procedurals, ramped up marbles. The mappings aren’t perfect (especially for clownfish), but, as I was telling BeBraw, it looks like most of the other competitors at CGTalk aren’t even bothering with shaders, even though that’s an option and a consideration for the quality aspect of the voting once the contest closes. Lots to do between now and then :slight_smile:

Here are some more recently finished models:

“Designer Chair”

“Sea Shells”

Final render / scene:

Front view / solitary:


Final render:

Front view:

Nearly a third of the way through the contest. Lots more to come!


I must say I love your wooden puppet especially the side view.
Keep up the tempo


PS: I may still enter silver level…

snelleddy: Thanks so much :slight_smile: That was one of my favorites from this series of models I’m developing for this challenge. I’m actually using that wooden puppet character now for an animation I’m making for the latest animation challege here at Blender Artists.

Finally got a few spare minutes to post some updates of recently completed models:

Wooden Puppet - beauty render:

Wooden Puppet - back:

Wooden Puppet - top:

Wooden Puppet - side:

Wooden Puppet - side 2:

Dandelion - beauty render:

Street Light - beauty render:

Gladius - beauty render:

Coffee Mugs - beauty render:

Spoon - front and back:

Spoon - beauty render:

Fork - beauty render:

Calligraphy Pen - beauty render:

Snail - beauty render:

Snail - top:

Broadsword - beauty render:

Office Chair - beauty render:

Office Chair - front:

Office Chair - back:

Office Chair - top:

Office Chair - bottom:

Chair - side view 1:

Chair - side view 2:

Well, it’s been a lot of work, pretty relentless, but very rewarding in terms of learning some new techniques or improving existing ones.

20 done, 10 more to go!


I was wondering if you have time to make different texture maps , or do you model exery last detail? That chair is making me think photograph because of the detail.
You are very much a real master of Blender, sir!!
Keep up the awesome work!!:slight_smile:

RobertT, besides the obvious (your impressive and speedy modelling), i am really loving your use of color and composition for these renders.
if there ever exists a gui for blender that connects directly to the brain, i want to see you demo it :smiley: