CGtalk lighting challenge #18 - Sci-Fi

Hey guys, just thought i’d post this image that i textured, lit and rendered in blender 2.48a

I made heavy use of the node system and the render layering, which i have never used before so the node window is just a big mess :stuck_out_tongue:

Modeling of scene made by Juan Carlos Silva

Scene setup, materials, lighting, rendering and compositing by me

It’s finnished, but i really woud like to hear your opinions/ thoughts on the image, espeically the lighting.

Thank you.
Note: it’s a PNG image!

awesome …but which renderer ?

Thank you GE-FORCE :slight_smile:

I used the blender internal renderer.

If anyone wants a shot of the light setup + nodes just let me know, although the nodes dont make much sense…

Very nice, love the lighting but I think there might be a little to much blur especially at the robots wheels.

The lighting is pretty good. I gave you 4 stars. It’s good but not excellent.
There are a few spots need some attention.
The like right side of the bots head, have some sort of shadow with jagged edges.
and the left side is really highlighted.

Have you thought about using Indigo?

Thanks for all the feedback guys, i do see the problems with the lighting/ rendering.

Seanser: i agree, way to much depth blurring, however i couldnt adjust the dof node anymore, if i lessened the effect everything became sharp and look ugly, since i couldnt use the FSAA on this image. I could have edited it in photoshop, but i didnt want to touch the image, except adding the text etc.

JDA: thank you :slight_smile: i really appriecate it. I see what you mean, i hadnt actaully noticed that, i think that is the relfection… of something, i dont know what exactly… but that is one of the problems i had when rendering, i had to render this with 320 DOF samples just to get half decent looking depth of field. Maybe it was just my set up though.

I tried testing indigo, however im not really well versed with it and in this scene all the lamps are hand placed/ set up, so importing them all to indigo to have it be changed would be a bigger headache than it’s worth, imo. I think i will use indigo for renders in the future, but i need to learn it first :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool. Whatever is happening to his head lloks like it must hurt :).
You can lessen the effect of the DOF node by decreasing the MaxBlur value. or increasing the Fstop.
Whatever your setting are they are nowhere near the mins. Are you using it in preview mode?

amazing lighting!

Great image viewpoint and render but maybe lacking a little bit of spec to some of the metallic parts like the robots body and wheels, maybe also the eyes glowing a bit like a traffic light type of light or perhaps a bit more glow.

Overall the image seems quite flat nothing pops or zings if you know what I mean. The dark grey framing to the tunnel as well seems to draw my attention, looks too mat too I think.

Also as the robot is the subject, there’s nothing about him/her that makes him endearing, no real character, work on the eyes might do that.

Hey all, thanks for the comments and feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve adjusted the DOF so it does look better and thanks jeepster :slight_smile:

Yellow: thanks man, ive actaully decided to change the scene now, since your spot on about all those things, im changing the scene now, just hope it’s not too late to submit, if not then it’s fine, atleast i’ll have an image that i like :slight_smile:

Im working on his expression as i type this, i dont have him rigged though, so it’s kind of just moving vertices and stuff, a little hard.

The challenge ends only on the 2nd of March, so you’ve got some time.Nice mood you’ve got in there…I really like it.Agree about the DOF, but you’re going to change it anyway, so lets see what its going to look like.

Nice work