CGTalk related ( you may NOT post.... )

I was just browsing CGTalk 3D forum, and I noticed at the bottom, it says ‘You may NOT post new threads’. I messaged an admin and have yet to hear back, but i was wondering,…could a CGTalk member please check to see if they get the same caption at the bottom? Perhaps it is some kind of forum error…? I certainly cannot think of any forum rules I have violated, or any cases in which I might have offended someone. Please check this out if you are a member at the CGTalk forum.

I think it’s in the finished forums. Their new system are made so you send them the “thread”…and they post it…I don’t think YOU are the reason for this,.,

I might be wrong

perhaps it was the forum you were in

for example, it wouldn’t surprize me if you can’t post threads in the announcements forum here

I just heard back from the admin,…it was just a forum glitch, and i was assured i would not encounter any trouble posting in the forum. whew! :stuck_out_tongue: Others may experience the same glitch. Just ignore it.

today i can’t right click on cgtalk… i already heared of this problem(wasn’t the guy who was kicked?) anyway… this forum is so huge. they do a great job nevertheless.

Funny thing about that forum though…even thoug it is a GREAT
forum…forum glitches are common with such gigantic forums.

For example…I don’t really post a lot, but I have posted about
a hundred posts or so…but it shows about 20-30 so I’m still
a forum newbie :slight_smile: Guess why? The forum has crashed so
many times due to overload that I’d probably newer increase
my posting…uhm…status.


did elysiun had that in the past? the blender servers seem to have overload problems when the new version arrives but ive never seen elysiun down. so we arent as good enough as CGtalk :stuck_out_tongue: .

elysiun is not on’s server.
elysiun net have more than 10% of the trafic cgtalk encounter.
mmm. look at the online pp list for exemple.

( you may NOT post… )

May I please post in this thread now?