what do we do now, it was the primary resource!

I dont see the problem.
I can still download…

it has a 15 megs download limit now … after you register with free pass

Per day.
You download more?

Can you elaborate, the registration makes it into a site where you have to pay up to download textures?

I mentioned before this happened with one of the top sound sharing sites too, the money-making itch kicks in and they make it pay-only (though there’s still free sites to go to)

The free account allows you to download 15MB of textures in every 24hr period. There are paid premium accounts that allow you to increase this download limit.


oh, i’m sorry! it’s cool in that case, it’s the exact same thing as before, only that now i need to register.

the thing is that they don’t mention that it’s 15 megs per day, and i was confused! thank you!

It only says Register for a free 15Mb account. , one could easly thing that they are only giving 15 megs/ per IP, account