Chain curvature


A problem i had since a long time is if i make a chain object

Then add an Array modifier and a Curve modifier so it makes a long chain that follow a curve, i run into a problem :

As you see the segments of the chain become curved.
That’s good if i intended those segment to be curved, but not good if i intended those segment to be straight

The only solution i found was to convert my curve into a mesh, then with loop tool use the “Space” function to make sure the space between the vertices are even, then extrude to obtain faces
Then instead of an array+curve modifier, i would then parent my chain segement to that new curved model.

And finally selected the curved model and enable Duplication -> Faces (duplifaces) , and enable “scale” too, then edit the scale until the chain looks like a chain
The good point of this is that while the chain follow the curvation of the curved model, the chain segments remains straight as i want :

But the problem is that i had to scale down a lot the duplifaces so they’re much smaller than the original model segment, the only way to have the chain not looking like that :

And that makes then making a chain with straight segments of a specific size extremely difficult as you’ll need to adjust the scaling of the duplifaces.

So is there a solution to have straight segments while using the Curve modifier ?

As far as I understand it, Array modifier can put down quick simple array of things. With Curve modifier, Array will deform. The combination is a must for modeling object like ribbed vacuum machine hosing. It is made to do that kind of deforming.

If you don’t want array of objects deforming, then Duplication function need to be used.

It would be nice if Blender adds a check box on the Array modifier not to deform!

Thanks, so as i thought in Blender the dupliface method is the method to use if you don’t want deformation in the segments.
The only other method then would be to place each segments by hands.

I hope too there will be one day a non deformation option, as the curve modifier method is much easier to keep the whole chain at a desired size than with dupliface.

Yeah I tried it and ended up using duplication as well.