chain curves to rig

hi, I’m using blender 2.69

I am following the tutorial to animate a rope

but I can not find the add ons

chain curves to rig

in the tutorial uses oscurat add curves and there is no chain function curves to rig

at minute 0:50 you can see the add ons…h?v=3sDMHCXYSQ8

Where can I find this add ons?

No, we can’t see because you didn’t copy/paste the link but only the visible (abridged) text.

Same player, shoot again! :wink:

I cant find it but I have (6.6 KB)…I cant find it on the net I found it on my HD

thankyou for reply
but is not the correct add ons,

becouse this add ons not apply a rig to a curve

but realize a chain with bone

the add ons that i see in the tutorial is is

chain to curve rig

Hi guys!
You can find the addon here:


thanlyou for reply,

in this image you can see the add ons chain curve to rig , in script i dont see this addd ons were is?