Chain Drive

Attached is a 1600x1200 version, but I couldn’t upload the animated gif version of it, which you can find here. This was inspired by the very elaborate Ducati rear sprockets, though it isn’t modeled after any specific version of them.


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Very cool. Better grease that thang. :wink:

that is very cool. the lighting and color balance is excellent. very nice composition.

Brilliant! I love the lighting and the model looks exceptionally well done. All I could really ask for is a few feint scratches or maybe a hint of dirt in the grooves, but don’t because I like it how it is!

pretty cool for a basic mechanical model render! The animation looks nice too.

PaulMW – I worked on the materials a lot but in the end I decided I wanted to go for a clean look, so I only left in scratches and some barely noticeable dents.

That doesn’t mean the material setups were simple, check out the material for the chain link:

Incredible Very nice looks real!!

nice work here
what nodes set up did u use for the red and chrome mat material

did u use a good HDRI map too?

happy bl

Really love this render! Outstanding work imo!

epic bike part robot? :smiley:

Very nice render and model. Is it BI or cycles?

Great work, very realistic!

Why did you use normal input not height input in bump node?