chain mail

what is the best way to model chain mail armour?

thanks fudge


because chain mail is essentially made up of a bunch of rings, the problem with it is more in rigging than in modeling. To model it you pretty much need a bunch of good pics [or a piece of the stuff] to see how the rings are connected.

But, once you have a suitably large piece modeled how do you expect to rig it?

use textures instead, save yourself from lots of frustration

You could try using a cloth plugin then use a displacement and alpha map on it.

ok thanks zero you saved me a life time of pain when it would come to rigging.

have you got a link to a cloth plugin i have?

Here is the link to a cloth simulator for Blender: . I could not get it to work at all, though.

you could use dupliverts…if you did it right…but i wouldn’t try unless your a crazy man

I would use dupliverts… and I’m crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t go with modelling it, texturing is fine. Here’s what chain mail looks like:

As for cloth plugins, forget it there isn’t one. You can model and animate decent enough cloth without one. For depth on the chain, add a bump map.

THis is a model, anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

And dupliverts, of course


Stefano you crazy punk! :smiley: Thats just insane! How long did it take to render that? I agree with zero on this… its not worth modeling unless its a close up shot like the one S68 posted. And remember, there is no BEST way. There’s just a way thats optimal for your purpose. Be more specific, as I mentioned to you in the thread about your knife, and you’ll get more tips. Also, don’t continually ask, “Whats the best way to model this,” about every project you start. That isn’t a useful question for you or the other users. A better question might be:

“I tried this, this and this, and I’m having a lot of difficulty coming up with a technique that works. Does anyone have any suggestions about an approach one might take toward modeling this type of object, or could you direct me toward a tutorial about a similar topic? I plan on using this for blah and I need it to be blah blah.”

See how much more clear that is? If you put some effort into asking the questions people will be able to spend their time much more efficiently in answering it, instead of spending their time asking you to be more specific :slight_smile: I hope that you can find the logic in this and that in the future you’ll put some thought into your questions so that everyone here can do a better job of helping you out :smiley: Good luck with the chain mail :smiley: