Chain Mail


a quick test just to try a Chain Mail structure


Tutorial? :smiley: No really, how’d you make that?
When (not if. When, I tell you, when!) Blender gets realtime physics, I’ll be the first one to throw that thing at Suzanne! And it’ll look gorgeous!


Care to try one with an hexagonal pattern next? :wink:


Here comes the Celtic knot requests… The interesting thing about your setup is how much it looks like a chain of molecules… You can really start to see the power of Blender in scientific visualization and the flexibility in that you can use it for pure fun at the same time. S68 - how long exactly did this take to render? What is the duplicated mesh like in terms of vert count? Do you have time to render this with different materials like brass or rusted iron?

Always nice to see your work Stefano! :smiley: Thanks for taking the time to post :slight_smile:

Wow, nice work. It looks like it took a long time to arrange all those rings.
Can you give a hint as to how you did this?

4+1 English weave? oh, come now! I like it, though, great job!
try and make the coif design :o

:o NICE WORK! :smiley:

Can you PLEASE make a tutorial for this? :wink:

oh it’s duplyframs! read the docs!

Thanx guys,

Carnivore Two grids in a 1:2 aspect ratio on xz plane dispaced of half period along y and z, each with a ring parenteted and dupliverted, ring is rotated some 10-15° along x clockwise on one, counterclockwise on other. Use lattice to deform.

theeth Chain mails I’ve seen have this pattern… but I could try otheres :wink:

Without ray tracing 41sec.

With Ray tracing (AO and a bit of reflection, as in the image posted) 9m 22s

578592 vertices

L.A. It ottok about 10 minutes

superx10 Cool link!

redbiteTut is above :stuck_out_tongue: but don’t ecpect it to wqork on non-squate patterns…