Chain Reaction

Took a few hours to make. Rendered in Blender Internal. This was ment to be as realistic as possibe, hope you like it :wink: .
Critisism is welcome :slight_smile: .

Nice Glass…the name doesnt make much sense, but I like it…

Thank you.
I had to think of a name, I thought Chain Reaction was good since all the glasses were falling like one.

Great job and you did exceptional work! I think you should choose a better name too but either way the work is great! Keep it up man!

Rendered in Blender International.

Hahaha…You mean Blender Internal?:slight_smile:
The glass material looks good, and the glasses too. But, the all white background takes away the realism. It would look better with some kind of a surrounding and some caustics on the floor or something…(You said you were going for photorealism…)
Overall it’s not bad… Keep on blending!:slight_smile:

Oh, and, the name sounds good to me. You can’t know what’s inside other peoples mind and how they interpret their own art…especially abstract art… So if it makes you think of a chain reaction, it “is a chain reaction”…Hope i make sense…


I can agree with Zazu on that one. This work may not allow us to think of a chain reaction, but if it makes you think of one, then more power to ya! Great job and I agree with the background a great deal if you are shooting for the whole “realism” aspect. Overall great job!

I understand why it’s called chain reaction, I think it’s an appropriate name, but I disagree with you, cloud9nimbus. If I splash red and green paint all over a sheet of paper and call it ‘blue sky’ it doesn’t mean it’s meaningful art, and If I think it is, it just means I’m retarded and should be told so.

That doesn’t apply to this though, btw. This is reasonably well done and the name fits. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I suppose that is where we disagree BlackBoe. If you splash green and red paint onto a canvas and call it Blue Sky then your work is Blue Sky regardless of the paint color you use. It is the artist job to paint the art and name it accordingly…it is the viewers job to discern the art if necessary and find how the subject matter and content apply to the name if need be. This work is called Convergence and was painted by Jackson Pollock, a painter who made tons of money with his abstract arts and used alot of the same techniques that Leonardo da Vinci and Bernini used. I have no idea whatsoever why he called this art Convergence but you might know why and that’s why the painting makes sense to you and not me. Our job is to critique the work and make sense of it…if we can’t make sense of it, then it is never the artists fault if we can’t understand why they named their painting the way they did. Nancy Blair is a renowned art teacher and has been all over the world viewing, selling, and critiquing artwork. She was my teacher in college. You should talk to her about this if you have any questions (you can google her and find her website). Either way, i’m very sorry JJ Dinomite to spend space on your thread educating the people that critique about the true way of critiquing art without using emotion.

There was no need to tell me that. I’ve heard it all and studied it, I still don’t agree with it, in fact I have a thesis. Still, there’s no point in you getting all riled up and thinking you have to educate me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I agree with Zazu about the background, but I since the project is finished, it looks fine.

All this over a name? :eek:
Don’t worry, I’m fine with the space used here.

Lol, see what your artwork did! I wish my artwork brought so much attention! lol, great job! Bravo!

Heh, yeah. Don’t worry, esoteric generalizations and relativistic positivisms are never anything to get into a fight with someone else about. Especially over the interweb.

Wow BlackBoe takin it personal eh?

Oh i forgot.