Chain that DOESN'T bend the single chain elements and can be controlled with a curve

hey guys,

does anyone know a way how to create chains that do not deform the individual chain elements?
i tried using an array combined with a curve deform modifier but if the angle is too steep i get this:

is there a way to control the chain elements with a bone chain and then control the bone chain with a curve maybe?
ideally procedural so that i can make the chain longer/shorter by changing the curve length.
yes, i need chains quite often :wink:

cheers chris

Here is a pretty thorough explanation:

sorry, i should have mentioned that i am using blender 2.8

i saw the dupliframes solution but it only works with blender 2.7

The now call instances:

You firstly make an array of faces along curve (Array+Curve modifiers). Then instance chain link via duplifaces over this array.

many thanks guys, i didn’t know there is something similar in 2.8 :slight_smile:

A bit further down the page it shows how it works for 2.8. I wish however there was a simple option on the array modifier to do this.