Chain Weapon

I’m trying to make a chain weapon but im having problems vertex painting the chain so it will deform, the provlem is that it only paints the verts i can see so i cant get them all without having some heavier than others, so is there a way to not limit what you paint to what is visible?


heres a blend if you want to see it:

What I would do is press ctrl-+ when selecting a vertex or face of one part of the chain to select the whole section, and then assign that section to whatever vertex group. :smiley:

the problem was that i couldnt get the verts that were inside the chain, so i just set the opacity up to 1 so i could get them all and they would all still have the same weight but i guess you can only have 1 armature per mesh or something because it was just following the last armature i parented it to

Select the verts of the faces you want to select in edit mode (press TAB) and then go to UV selection: the faces bounded by the verts are going to be selected.
In Edit Mode remember to press the little button with the cube near the triangle at the menu bar: that way all verts are selected, not only the visible ones.