i made this simple scene because i want to try hdri…

Nice modelling! The chains really look like they are resting on each other, super render! :smiley:
IMHO, I might use a different probe so the chains don’t look so soft. Right now, they look kinda like an inflated balloon chain. -But then again, I’m in love with the Uffizi gallery… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the reason it looks funny is the color choice. It’s some wierd semi- tarnished silver material, instead of a more normal steel. Maybe add a little more to the weld seam in the individual links. It looks very decorative, yes, but that’s a rather thick chain for being decorative :slight_smile:

thx for comments. It has some mistakes, but it’s finished so i won’t work on it…

Look great :slight_smile:

perhaps a bit more less shiny new color and more silver grey to get a chain, but you wanted to test hdri… so its all good.