Chained dragon

So I’m working on a comic series, and this is how the cover looks like so far. I hope you like it (it’s now finished yet, so I accept any suggestions).


i would make it a lil less foggy…just a lil…and make the chain rusty or like tied to somthing. Good job =)

Make the hills more prominent, and fix the lighting, it seems like a great model

The head kind of resembles a Dragon but the rest of the model makes it look like a more serpentine like creature.

Chaining Dragons even in your fantasies is cruel.

ima dragon…i just dont have wings…well i do but u cant see them…

but yeah the i thought the dragon was like a not a dragon

You mean phantom wings, I have those too?

You otherkin? And please be honest about it, it would be nice to see there’s more otherkin Dragons on this forum.

ok??? is that?

Not to derail this thread or anything, but one finds he’s otherkin if he looks inside himself and finds out he is a Dragon thus having the soul of a Dragon. Usually there’s a event earlier in his life where at the least something inside him realizes he is a Dragon, it could be anything from unprovoked interest in Dragons and longing to be one to a simple “hmm, that’s it, I must be a Dragon”.

Now most members don’t want this discussion in their threads so reply by PM if neccesary.

That such people are allowed to exist is beyond me ¬.=.¬

sorry about that efdg2…I can see where you’re trying to go with this image, but it does need some work. First off: remove that spire in the center of the image. It’s just too much in the way. The arms(?) need work as well. Defiantly lessen the fog. You’ve got a good start, but the image still needs a lot of work.

What is it with people and Dragons… they usually look very boring… and to me about the idea of firebreathing lizard is bit… odd in generally.

But sure i guess its fun to model.

The key word is “fantasy”. Fantasy dragons are all the same boring shit ( agree with you ). The difference comes once people get creative. Unfortunately there exists like only a handful of people really being creative and “reasonable” when it gets down to dragons and the rest is the most boring shit in existence :no: