Chaining bones (newbie)


I’m using blender 2.40.

I’m reading the User Guide (which is for Blender 2.31). It has a section about rigging:

It says that when you add a bone (SPACE>>Add>>Armature) it stretches from the 3D cursor to the mouse pointer. Then, it says, you fix the end of the bone with LMB, and at the same time a new bone is created starting at the previous end point. In this way, the Guide says, you create a chain of bones.

The problem is, the interface I’m using (Blender 2.40) doesn’t behave that way. I don’t know how to create a chain of bones. I can only create independant bones. I’m given no chance to click LMB.

How is it done in Blender 2.40?

Ragrding armatures and animation system, some things have been changed. Bone chains can now be created by extruding a bone like you do for meshes. Select the end of a bone, press E for extrude and drag, like you were extruding a normal mesh.

For information on the new features you can read the wikibook at