ChainLen (Chain Length) keyable?

It it possible to key the chainlength? It would be really really useful, because you could animate like in mirai/motionbuilder.

Not sure what you mean; key in the number of bones in a chain; key all the bones in a chain instead of the IK Target only?


Yes, key in the number of bones in a chain. Let me make an example:

Say you have a charater and you have the ik going all the way from the hand to the hip. So you can make your character bend over and pick something up easily. then when he bends over, you change the chainlen to just the arm, so his arm ,say, pushes a block, and his body doesn’t move.

No, I’m afraid not. The only keyable option on Constraints is their influence.


Do you know any way of keying auto-ik or the likes? maybe I could do this with a complicated rig? :Z

In F9, Armature tab, is ‘Automatic IK’ and ‘Tree IK’: