Chainsaw Kitty Pose

Some might have seen my WIP in the work in progress forum and if not then you see it here.

My character is a chainsaw weelding kitty, I wanted to put him in an animation but like many others who have tried thier hands at animation your idea simp0ly dosent pan out.

So I’m leaving him for now and am gonna start on something new, might come back to him latter on.

Here he is.
My Kitty.

An AO white version

Medium Size
Large Size

Hehe Creepy looking. Actually it almost looks more like a mouse than a cat to me. It would be interesting to see this character animated.

cool stuff, haha

but if you are going to use a black cat, dont use a black background, you can hardly see him,

when is the animation coming out dude!?!

@ Magic Man
Cheers man, yeah I can see the mouseyness to him :smiley: . I guess I never saw cause I kept thinking CAT cat cat… lol.

@ Wu
Yeah I now he’s pretty hard to see but I wanted darkness to keep with is evilness I encluded a diff version in my first post but you might not have seen so here it is. Bright Backround.

He’s pretty much completely set up for animation, he’s got a good amount of facial expressions and I have a good walk cycle set up with him. So I can’t really say when, but, maybe after a couple of other prodjects.


Grape Ape.

Oh great, is it Miw ? :smiley:

His eyes seems to bulge out really too much, that gave him a very strange look.

Holy shit! Thats him! :o

I saw that picture around a year and a half ago and had it on my old PC, then my PC crashed completly and my HD got fried, lost all my stuff including that wicked picture. Surfice it say I never found the picture again.

I was changing the picture on my descktop a couple of months back when I remembered this cat character, and decided to make model of him, I had to go off my memory of him.

Man thanks for finding that picture, I have it set back to my desktop, and I’m so gonna go and see aboult getting in contact with the artist. That absolutely MAD man. :smiley:

:smiley: cool! would be funny to see a dog chopped up

You probably should give credit to the original author. You seem to have a great memory of what he looked like, the similarities are too deep not to mention them. Although yours is stouter which I like better.


Your quite right I should give him credit here on elysiun.

I have spoken to Darkdomer (creator of miw) and he is in the middle of redoing his web page but asked if he could put it in the guest art of his page once he’s finished.

So to give credet where credet is due.

Thanks darkdomer for makeing such a fine peice of work and a character that I belive to be one of the best and one of my favorite characters that I have come across. :smiley: :wink: :expressionless:

Ok, with that done I have put him in another pose and have changed the shader for his head arms and tail.

Thanks also to khnum for the tip about the ramp shader. :wink:

Hope you like.

Large size

Now we only need a mouse in the corner screaming for it’s life :stuck_out_tongue:
love your sec. picture KUTGW