Chair Simulator 2014


Simulate chairs!
Catch, throw, break, feel free in this great game!

You’re a normal guy who freaked out!
At the outbreak you will venture into a world of chairs!
Take, break, play, and discover hidden things in various game modes …

Walking with W, S, D, A
Running with W, S, D, A + SHIFT
Catch chair with click
With the chair in hand, moving the mouse and releasing the click, you can drop and throw chairs.

Destroy Everything
In destruction mode you will have the mission of destroying chairs, throwing objects against, and feel the physics!
If you destroy all the chairs in record time, you win!

Hit the Target!
In this game mode, you’ll have to hit a target at a certain distance …
If you hit the target at a certain speed and break the chair, you win!

Break time!
Break the chair in record time in just one shot!
If you succeed you win!

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Thanks, more updates coming soon.

this is the GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! May I ask, how are you breaking the chairs? Sometimes it seemed like they should’ve broken… but they DIDN’T :open_mouth: If you don’t have it already, create a velocity-based break script, so chairs can break based on impact force. Also (again, I can’t tell if you already have this) perhaps make the broken pieces inherit velocity from the broken chairs they formed from. It’s all an easy, fast script.

Anyway. Keep it up! I LOVE IT :smiley:

Actually get acceleration is easy, but get ImpulseForce is not,

so you can know how fast it was going from frame to frame, but not if something hit it really hard from 2 directions…

indeed, but to get that kinda stuff requires quite a bit more code, at least if you wanna keep it fast. Acceleration generally works fine :smiley:

Hello @emuddypizza

Once I finish the first demo, you can see how it was done; D.

In the trailer I just put the “life” of the chairs in a lower amount, so some break faster.
But in fact what I did was take the current speed of the chair, and if greater than 20 for example and chair collides with walls or objects, it loses life, and breaks.
For get the speed, i use the little function:

def getVecSpeed():
vel = o.worldLinearVelocity
speed = pow(vel.x,2) + pow(vel.y,2) + pow(vel.z,2)
return vel.normalized(), sqrt(speed)

Thanks \o

This is an awesome continuation of the simulator joke that just needs to stop…
At least it’s better than the Nothing Simulator…

Well, I like the game, I always liked games based on physics.

I think that the amuddypizza’s post was a little exaggerated, sincerely…

A question little question, what do the pow() function? i search it on the python documentation, but I not undertands much…

This games plot is too deep, please reduce it so the average player can understand it.

This game surpasses Goat simulator. Good job! I look forward to finding thousands of easter eggs throwing chairs :stuck_out_tongue:
(quite a unique idea actually, will follow this thread)

This looks super fun, haha. You got my vote!

@saika, jajajaja, the Nothing simulator is a real joke :slight_smile:

@carlo697, Thanks;
The pow () function, is used when we want to raise a given base to a given exponent and return the result.
An example of this is to raise the base 4 to the exponent 3, resulting in 64.

@AllanOcelot, Sorry…

@MrPutuLips, Jajaja Thanks man :smiley:
The goat simulator is rock, but the Chair Simulator is a big mountain, jajaja.

@RippeR7420, Thank you man: D
More fun are the easter eggs

I’m very happy, thank you all waiting game.
This encourages me more.
I’m programming here, and soon I will bring updates.:slight_smile:

Hello =)
New updates :

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