is the progress for a high chair I am designing to make, what do you think?

Why does leg and back rest look like they are different wood texture? The arm rest look uncomfortable.

The armrest looks uncomfortable, and to be honest the colors dont match at all, and are a bit too vibrant.

What ever you do do not show a red model on a green background. IT just doesn’t look good.
The legs don’t look very stable to me. The chair does not like it can hold up to a kid. Trust me they climb like hell on those chairs as soon as they are able to.

You’ll need some crossbracing on the legs, probably at two levels, and a footrest for the kid. Gets uncomfortable having your feet dangling while you’re eating. The cutout ducks and teddybears look cute, but in practice you’ll probably wind up throwing a towel over the back as padding and never see them anyway.

Might I suggest a Craftsman Style High Chair?