modeled with blender then adjusted with photoshop.
rendered with blender internal.

I really like the stairs and that texture on the wall +the lighting.
I’m not sure what’s going on in the doorway though, that’s kind of distracting.
The chair and foreground elements all look really good.

doorway is so small

thank you.
but… what doorway?

It’s a painting on the wall but that area is a bit too dark and blurred and the painting does look like a doorway

I like it very much!
Its looks very dark and moody.

You guys have gotta be tripping to think that is a door way…or your screens are badly colour balanced…

I really like it, although the lighting on the chair is a bit distracting at first it seems to look more natural the more you look at it. Great work.

Yeah, I gotta go with wefyb. I thing just a little more ambient light might help the scene.

thank you. but I have a very poor pc.

sorry for my english

Nice light…looks like serious GI…

looks great!

Dude you are so productive :smiley:

hmmm realy nice theme and realy nice lighting that you use and realy nice coloure combination

thank you. i’ve used a palette colour reference