I decided to put this here by myself (The mod’s obviously wouldn’t move my previous thread). This is how far I got:

I’m going to render it with a darker background to show the washed out parts of the chair. Then I’m going to modell a footrest and a scene around it. C&C as always :slight_smile:

We are waiting to see what happens when you add environment. Many renders lose a lot when they are submerged in the presence of other objects.

Keep this good appearance! :slight_smile:

I have started to modell the scene now. Blender internl actualy let me down when I started with the interior so I’m using Indigo right now. I’ll have to fix all textures and stuff, but I think I will modell everything first. Here’s the update:

Um, we don’t read every thread dude. So maybe a PM to one of us would have been better? Just a suggestion.

The interior seems very basic right now, but that can be expected with the initial start of the image.

The curtain rod seems to be floating and the curtain has a very distint lack of holes for the curtain rod to pass through. May want to adjust that.

The rest looks good. Not sure I like the colour of the walls, but that is just a personal opinion there.


Oh… It wasn’t inended to piss you guys of, sorry :o

I don’t know why the rod seems like it’s floating, it’s stuck into the wall at both ends. The holes is going to get fixed and yes… There’s a little to few things in that room. I have started to fill it up a bit, but you’ll see the next update.

btw… me liky orange color