Chairs in cafe like environment

This the first env light test including the reference picture for
camera position and lights.

This is the color reference

Because the desired color scheme is more monochromatic I
feel it is hard to imitate the leather for example because
in the reference photo the reflection color is yellow from
the wood but in the rendering gray from the bleached wood.

Another test with more white

Light needs work the right side of the wood panel is flat and the
flower surface looks totally flat but thats part of the position …

That bleached scene style looks to dead - some color is needed

When in doubt throw it out - replaced mesh lights with a window mesh IBL based scene:

The couch lost all reflection so I need to fix that but I think the light is so much better now.

Here is a finale version: lacks a little direct light - I had it in on the left side but it was more distractive.
So I am only using it for the glossy part of the materials to show reflections but not emit light for the diffuse