Chalice (suggestions welcome)

just got started using blender this past week. I was playing around with the lighting and textures just to get a feel for it. This one will get jeweled and fancied up in the future. I couldn’t render using Yafray because I messed up a bevelling job and it came out all wrong. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated especially regarding the texture on the cup or the lighting. (the scenery is of no concer)

Is a bit of the lip broken?

You definitely need to setsmooth, make it reflective, add a little red to the color to make it closer to golden… but looks like beveling really destroyed your mesh… if you don’t have a backup, I’d redo it.

you guessed it. The bevelling trashed the model before I saved and I couldn’t undo. Looks like I’ll start over. Thanks for the tip on the color. It is definetly a bit off from what I was looking for.

I was playing around with gold latetly. Here you go with nice gold material settings I’ve found:link

thanks Mandor! That info will be a great help in the future