Chalk material


What would you suggest to make up a white chalk-like material for a fake chalkboard I’m designing in Blender ? I want to imitate writing with chalk, but I haven’t come up with a suitable “look and feel” yet.

Thanks in advance.

Just an example …



First of all, thanks a lot for that clever solution to my problem. I’m quite impressed. Wouldn’t have thought of that myself !

The only issue I have is that I already did all that handwriting parts with the Grease Pencil tool before thinking about the material I wanted to add. It’s my fault, I did not mention it in my previous post, I didn’t think it was relevant. So of course, GP does not work with your method. And that’s a real bummer. Though in all honesty, I just did a little example with proper Bezier curves and it works perfectly. And it’s pretty easy to use. So it’s quite an interesting effect.

I guess that leaves me with two tough choices: redo everything with Bezier curves (which means dozens of hours of extra work) or keep my dull white GP material as it is.

Anyway, thanks again for the answers and the efforts, I may still use that trick… my mind isn’t made up yet.

Can’t you apply the texture to what you have?
I haven’t used GP very much…but the material should be usable but perhaps the GP lines need to be converted to mesh first?


I’m not too familiar with GP myself, so that makes two of us ! :wink:

But I did try your material node setup with GP and I can tell you it only works with Bezier curves, unfortunately. GP did not care about any node setup I could come up with: it remains unchanged throughout. Only color and opacity can be changed with GP, and I guess it’s by design. It kinda makes sense, given the nature of the grease pencil…

Anyway, thank you again for your concern… I guess I’ll stick to my original plan, though with a bit of regret !

Just found this…maybe a solution for you…

Thanks RSEhlers. That link was immensely helpful ! :slight_smile: Did a lot of trial and errors in Photoshop (never would have thought of using that), but I did manage to create a chalky material I like.


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