Challange: Champagne/beer w bubbles

I was thinking about a glass of Champagne or beer with bubbles in the liquid and maybe a layer of that fine foam that you get on top of the liquid.

Since i’m very new to 3D and blender i thought it would be cool to see your take on this :yes:

go to yafaray site there are examples for water droplets on glass and in liquid

but never figure out how to use the particules on faces for this effect
if anybody knows how let me know!

also you can find a texture model for foam on bear

hope it helps


Thanks Ricky,

I was actually thinking more of a fun challenge for this forum to make such champagne/beer pictures and post here… it would be fun to see different takes on the subject.

I’m on my second week with Blender and everything takes forever, i have to google things and commands all the time and start all over when i realize i probably did it all from start.
So the last two nights i’ve probably spent 8 hours each night trying to make a soda can.
After lots of attempts i’m quite happy with the result of my Blender soda can now :smiley:
DOF, sharpen and color boost was made in the node editor, graphic in Inkscape, text, bloom and a little noise in PS.

I have to make a list with most used commands so i don’t have to google them each time i forget them :no:


(Click for larger image)