Challenge #10 Entries (19 July 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Current Challenge Status

Theme #10 for 19 July 2002 is: survival of the fittest
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 22 July 2002.

There are no changes to the rules (found here: )

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix is available for all your entry formatting/validation needs.

Good luck!

And remember, this is the last week to become eligible for the special ev…
Oops! Still shouldn’t’ve said that! :wink:

(Goo) #2

Here’s one all us Blenderheads can appreciate. Hehehe

It’s a pure entry.

And of course the weekend of this special event has to be the weekend where I’m missing the first half. (Insert Grumble Here)


(Ecks) #3

Sorry somebody know what mean “Fittest” in French or just explain it in english…TX (I didn’t find my english/french dictionary)

(BgDM) #4

X-WARRIOR: Just think of “Survival of the Best”.

No time for me this weekend. Kid turning 5 on Saturday.

Good luck to all.


(blengine) #5

ok ok im in… all the textures for the people were hand made by me… and it may be too detailed for some…so enter at your own risk… i cannot be held resposible for jaws dropping off so dont try to sue me :wink:
pure entry


(ray_theway) #6

My vision of survival of the fittest (pardon the recursive pun).

Pure Mostly Blender except some imported PostScript fonts (did not use Elefont). All textures procedural including background.

And good topic, ahem, rixtr66 :wink:

(Ecks) #7

THANK BGDM!!! :):):slight_smile:
I have a little idea!!!

I made the madcat some week ago…but I made the vulture today…I wil surely update my entry during the next day with better texture…I hope I will get some vote this week…

Pure (cut/paste)

(Jellybean) #8

WooHoo! First time in the weekend challenge too. This should be fun!


Hmmm… <thinks> … <thinks some more> … <GASPS> I’ve got it! Now the hard part, actually modeling it. In 92 Hours, no less. <gulps>

(Nayman) #9

Placeholder for naygawg

(leinad13uk) #10

This is my fist time entering the WC, and to be honest i think my blending needs alot of improvment. But here it is, survival of the fitest, Mars Mech Stlye.

Open This is all blender.

At least i can say i tried :smiley:


(Goofster) #11

nothing more powerfull then .blend caliber


(rixtr66) #12

heh,heh,heh,cant wait too see the entries :smiley:

good luck everyone!

rixtr :stuck_out_tongue:

(ectizen) #13

Hey, don’t blame me! This is rixtr66’s theme, not mine :slight_smile:

imgranpaboy: :o :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: (regarding the special ev… oops! said too much!)

imgranpaboy: :o :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: (regarding your entr… oops! said too much!)

This may be my placeholder… Every 5 minutes I’m alternating between “this is your greatest idea ever” (unusual, parodyful interpretation) and “this is your dumbest idea to date” (I don’t need to get sued by two giant multinational corporations)…

Edit: “Dumb” wins. This is not my placeholder. You’ll have to get your wacky fix elsewhere this week :frowning:

(Ecks) #14

LOL we had the same idea…but me I have Mech from the real Battletech Universe…but you got nice model too

hey if it is all blender you must say: PURE

(scrappy) #15

can’t enter this week, and i had a decent idea, put my GTO up against the Hot Rod on a 1/4 mile dragstrip with grandstands and the whole deal :frowning: , i will be at a 2 day car show all weekend, grrrr…

(S68) #16


Pure 100% blender, completely new model, 1h work


(theeth) #17

it’s a pure entry.


(snailrose) #18

Even the fittest need to take a break

(copy and paste)

(ectizen) #19

I’d call a modified model “new” if you’ve spent more time modifying it than your spent originally creating it.

Maybe, maybe not :slight_smile:
leinad13uk used the Dominatrix to build the entry. This will call an entry Open unless you answer “Yes” to two questions (new models? blender?) The default answers to both question are “No”. This is to encourage people to read the instructions :wink:

Get a new ISP - Survial Of The Fittest!! :smiley:

(hannibar) #20

my entry :

started modelling the green dude on friday evening, ended saturday afternoon, then started working on the enviroment. All models are mine, most textures too (except for 3 texture images).

=> pure entry