Challenge #10 Voting - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

This week’s theme is survival of the fittest

Pure Entries
Goo[list:cbfa31cefa]Here’s one all us Blenderheads can appreciate. Hehehe
It’s a pure entry.

imgranpaboyok ok im in… all the textures for the people were hand made by me… and it may be too detailed for some…so enter at your own risk… i cannot be held resposible for jaws dropping off so dont try to sue me :wink:
pure entry

ray_thewayMy vision of survival of the fittest (pardon the recursive pun).
Pure Mostly Blender except some imported PostScript fonts (did not use Elefont). All textures procedural including background.

X-WARRIORTHANK BGDM!!! :):):slight_smile:
I have a little idea!!!
I made the madcat some week ago…but I made the vulture today…I wil surely update my entry during the next day with better texture…I hope I will get some vote this week…
Pure (cut/paste)

Goofsternothing more powerfull then .blend caliber

S68Pure 100% blender, completely new model, 1h work

theethit’s a pure entry.

snailroseEven the fittest need to take a break

hannibarmy entry :
started modelling the green dude on friday evening, ended saturday afternoon, then started working on the enviroment. All models are mine, most textures too (except for 3 texture images).
=> pure entry

Free MarsPure entry


Open Entries
leinad13uk[list:cbfa31cefa]This is my fist time entering the WC, and to be honest i think my blending needs alot of improvment. But here it is, survival of the fitest, Mars Mech Stlye.
Open This is all blender.


(Ecks) #2

Nice theme this week! :smiley: I hope I will get some vote… :-?
I like the entry of Goo but…

Please take the time to watch all the entry before voting because I think because of copy and pasting the people will pass over my entry…

(tordat) #3

If natural selection wins, I vote for Ray_… :wink:

(blengine) #4

Open This is all blender.

errr…ectizen, i think leinad13uk meant “PURE This is all blender” go edit! :wink:

(ectizen) #5

err… no. No edit (at least, not yet :slight_smile: )

Entries are classified as whatever the entrant specified - the entrant knows what went into the image. If the entrant wants something changed, I’ll do it, otherwise I’ll leave it - I don’t want to arbitrarily change things. Actually, to be honest, I’m not even terribly comfortable reformatting the entries from people who don’t use the Dominatrix and can’t read the rules (more on this next week…)

Remember also that there are two parts to a Pure entry (“new” and “blender”). It’s entirely possible for completely 100% nothing-but-freshly-installed-blender entries to be Open (ie. old models). If you use the Dominatrix, it asks about both of these, using the answers to determine if an entry is Pure or Open. In this case, I think leinad13uk (it’s about this time I really begin to appreciate copy-and-paste :wink: ) used the Dominatrix, and answered “No” to the new model question (or even both questions).

leinad13uk: If you want it changed to Pure, let me know :slight_smile:

(sten) #6

I hope Stefano wins !!

(Goofster) #7

O YEAH! I ROCK! oh…ehm…I mean…THE WEEKEND CHALLENGE ROCKS! (but only if you win :D)

great stuff all around. now to think of a new topic…hmmm…


(theeth) #8

call it nitpicking if you want, but I think that’s the first time there is so much off topic entry IMHO…

Not that they are not good, of course.


(blengine) #9

goofster, dont get yer hopes us just yet…theres still a WHOLE day of voting left…a whole day in which numerous new nicknames can be registred :wink: hahaha…no really im not kiddin =| =)

omg, i got votes! hehe, who voted fer me?! cmon, raise yer hand?

i like all of these entries, goofs i liek the best =) go goof!

(Ecks) #10

WHY EVERYONE LIKE THE ENTRY OF GOOFSTER??? AND NO ONE LIKE MINE… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: no I like the one of goofster too…but what I dont understand is why I get no vote… :frowning:

(blengine) #11

x-warrior, i like your entry, but its missing alot of stuff thats keeping it from winning…i think it actually would have a great chance of winnong if you spruced it up… these are just my suggestions =)

-your camera view is too plain… theres no drama…what u need for this action scene is DRAMA! i say move the camera down and to the right in front of the destroyed mech…and have it looking up and over that mech to see your main mech… and crank up some fish eye effect in the edit window by lowering that camera value…

-your lighting is very plain, and i cant make out if you have shadows or not?? :frowning: and theres lots of fire and explosions in your scene eh!? u need some lamps and spots emitting them bright colors in the scene! the scene is dark, bright light form the fire and shadows on the ground would be awesome…

  • the textures o nthe mechs are good, and the models are good too, its the ground thats dull, a new texture is needed, either more grainy, or more rocky, or both…also, throw down some random mech peices and rocks on the ground for detail…

your particles and models are very good, but the overall composition and lighting need work :-?

if you try all my suggestions i think it will be a major major improvement =)


oh, and X, if u want to avoid copy/paste…make an html page for your entry…they work on clicks, not copy and paste =)

(Ecks) #12

Thank for the suggestion imgranpaboy! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I tryed some of the thing you said here the link:

Is it enough bright?

(blengine) #13

oh thats great! the background was a perfect choice and the whole scene has a dramatic slow motion action feel and i can practically hear the ambient eery music playing in the background! great job x-warrior =D
the lightings alot better and really shows off your mech model and texturing =)

(ectizen) #14

Voting has closed, and the winner is that pre-hatched chicken counter, Goofster!

Well done to everyone who took on the challenge of creating something for this contest, and an even bigger “Well Done” to those who took on the challenge of subjecting their work to the unmerciful competetive public scrutinty that is the Weekend Challenge!

theeth: I don’t know that I’d call them off topic, just very broad interpretations of a theme that means different things to different people.

Excellent. I have ten winning entries. Now for phase 2…

(blengine) #15

phase 2 ectizen? is that where u take the winning entries, put them on dvd, and sell them around the world and make money and not give us a cut?? hmmm? well? is it?

(ectizen) #16

All will be revealed in an anticlimactic announcement sometime in the next few hours…