Challenge #1003 "hologram" (09/09/22) Entries CLOSED

It appears I got my submission in just in time. There are hints of these rings in my submission(3.2, I think?). After upgrading to 3.3, a Cycles render gives this result. At first I thought the rings seem to be centered on a point light over the robot head. But I move the point light with no change - they a “camera” artifact centered on the lens direction? Maybe the idea is you can tell the version of the Blender install by counting the rings?


Unless you actually uninstalled 3.2 it’s probably still in your blender foundation folder.

In order to sort this one out you could download the portable zip versions of Blender 3.2 and 3.3 from here:

Those don’t need to be installed, so you can have several versions running on the same system at the same time. If the issue persists, this could be worth reporting it as a bug.

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I think the default behavior of the installer these days is to make a new folder and leave the old one in tact, so if on Windows, there shouldn’t be a need to use a separate zipped version.

I didn’t know that. Disk space must have become quite cheap over the past few years. :wink:
I’ve been using the portable version for years now, but I’m running it on Linux anyways.

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Pure, cycles

Make our calls thanks to a hologram bracelet, which has never dreamed of it.



Made the holograms a little more holographic.

Pure entry, made in blender 3.3 Cycles. I put more work into the context than the holograms themselves. I wanted to capture the scientific aspect of the topic.



Definitely should have used transparency instead of volumetrics, because it took an hour and a half to render, and doesn’t even look that good. It’s already hot here, I don’t need my laptop getting literally hot enough to burn me. Still fun prompt though. :sunny:


Holocinogenic Mushrooms

non competing (pure), Cycles, Blender 3.3.0


The Impossible Heist

pure, 100% Blender 3.3, cycles 256 samples

A thief with the shadow of Suzanne is robbing the museum! Except there aren’t any treasures to steal because they’re all holograms. :wink:


Wow @Helge! You nailed it! Very nice concept and picture!


Do you guys recon I should judge who portays me best? :wink:


This is my logo as a hologram, this is a pure entry


Hologram Visualization

Non-competing (Open)

Cycles, Resolve Studio ($) for compositing and VFX

hologram short



Open - The background is from Kitbash and characters and body animation are from mixamo. I added some facial animation, the holo emitter, and worked a lot on the hologram effect.

First I the hologram is rendered from the point of view of the light, then the frames of that animation are used as a projected texture from the light in a separate render pass to create the light beams, and a plain white version of the hologram character is used to receive the light, so all the details on her face and clothes are from the texture projected from the light. I added some scanlines as a shader effect on top of the light’s texture.

The main render pass contains everything apart from the hologram light, fog, and character, then the 2 passes are added together with some filters in the compositor to give some glow and blur to the hologram.

Animated version:


This is my entry for this weekend’s Challenge “Hologram” . Planning the invasion.

Link to full animation on my Instagram.


Made think of something like this (?) — kinda like how “actual” holograms work… tho this is clearly not illuminated by a laser.

Could be used in a movie. I imagine a charater pulling this out of an envelope to uncover a secret message or something…


Also, i’m back! Hoi, Friends!


Yup, one of the first material features you may want to get familiar with is Fresnel. A value from 0 to 1 that tells you how parallel a face is in respect to the camera view. Kind of a fundamental thing to lightning and how our brain interprets silhouettes.

This reminds me of this old cheap holograms in corn flake boxes that works with a rough simple layer of plastic that as a saw profile and a picture in two slightly different version.
Cant find a picture of it.

The Perry Rhodan collection books had such on the covers too.

Not so much holograms as “3D photos”. Postcards like this used to a common too. Each side of the sawtooth gave each eye a slightly different picture. Turn the picture 90° and the 3D look goes away, obviously.

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