Challenge #1006 "Long shadows" (30/09/22) Entries CLOSED

long time ago



PURE “long shadow”

Cycles 1024s, volumetric atmosphere and clouds.


Shadow Tower
No Entry, pure, cycles 1024 samples, no denoise, rendertime ~1min, thought as an opposite to a light tower at sea. Used landscape and tree addon, the leaves are just alpha voronoy texture.

long_shadows7.blend (1.8 MB)


First time in ages to take part in the contest.

This is an open entry, used Mixamo for the human character, all the rest is modelled by me.
I wonder if anyone here remembers these guys.


I think I know: The Shadows - moonlight shadow - YouTube

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Plankton’s Madness

Pure, Eevee


Heavy Metal Moon

non competing (pure), Cycles, Blender 3.3.0


Yes, that’s them. Great old band.


I used two scenes. One normally lit scene. And the second with a strong light source for the Shadow Catcher.
Blender 2.9.2; Cycles


Sunrise on the Power Platform

Pure, Cycles 1024s, Blender 3.3, 825k triangles

The platform is based on an idea I’ve had for a while but never got around to making it in blender. This challenge gave me the perfect excuse to make it. The platform fits into a yet-to-be-modeled abandoned sky empire, along with the Marketplace and several other structures.

Making the damaged look took a lot of geometry nodes, but I’m quite happy with it. The rubble on the platform is a combination of geometry nodes and the rock generator. The cloud generator is a modified asset from other weekend challenges. The depth-of-field is faked in the compositor. The platform’s material has more detail than shown in the final render.

Wait a minute… Who’s monkeying around with that meteor?!



Pure, Cycles, default settings so 4096 samples

Another Dead by Daylight themed submission! There are a couple of details I wish I could’ve spent more time on, but I started a bit late again because of a certain game that I can’t seem to tear myself away from :upside_down_face:

Subdivided cubes, procedural textures. The upside of posting late is I get to look at everything and mash the heart button


@Helge I managed to get some time on my lunch break after all since my brother was kind enough to haul our cat off to the vet instead :smiley:

Can I get your input on this?


It took us a little while and some research, to figure out the game. But with the help of my children, we are pretty sure it must be “The Walking Dead”. I never played the game but I watched a few seasons of the series a few years back.
Modeling and texturing all those models and characters must already have taken quite some time. If you find some addition time you could try tweaking the lighting. Unless you went for a game look on purpose, lighting can be a great and relatively fast way to tune up the realism. :slight_smile:

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Hahaha yeah my experience with lighting is pretty minimal, it’s definitely a pretty weak skill of mine. Most of my experience comes from working on mod teams where I just do stand-alone characters and props, hand it off to a level designer, and say “Lighting’s your problem, not mine” :laughing:

Unfortunately I’ll be here at work til 30 minutes before the deadline, so it’ll probably stay like that. I’ll edit it if I get home in time. In any case, I appreciate the input and I’ll make more of a conscious effort to improve my lighting in the future!

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The three wise stones

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.


Here’s my entry, pure cycles - Exploring

Weird thing was - I was hung up on the problem that for some reason, the light died out about where the shoulders’ shadow was. After searching documentation and such for over 3 hours, I could not figure out why. For some reason I extended the floor about 3 times further than the edge of the frame, and suddenly that light distance limitation disappeared (or rather, moved beyond the edge of the frame). I’m not sure why the size of the object should limit how far the light travels to hit it. I couldn’t find any settings or clipping that would dictate this…


Yeah, that’s odd. Maybe something was going wrong with the shadow map resolution? Glad you got it fixed, it looks nice!

The Setting Rising Sun

Pure, Cycles 256s

Suzanne has climbed to the top of Mount Sunset while the sun is rising, or is it setting?


The Brink

Pure(ish)- I used a human base mesh, but it’s mostly covered, and the background is a JWST image that you can see some of through the glass.


Title: I really should fix that…

Pure. Cycles. 3.3


Actually, I like it. It might be a little dark on some screens but it works fine for me. (It is dark outside now, so I don’t have any reflections from the windows. It might be a little harder to see the details if I check back in the morning.)

Not sure if any of this will work, but you could try a few things, just to see how it looks:

  • add a little more light to guy in the front (e.g pale moonlight from a window to the right)
  • try to give the light shining through the door softer shadows
  • try placing a light above the door (e.g. an emergency EXIT light) in order to highlight the masked visitor a little more

Btw. I hope the cat is fine!

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