Challenge #1006 "Long shadows" (30/09/22) Entries CLOSED

Yeah, that’s odd. Maybe something was going wrong with the shadow map resolution? Glad you got it fixed, it looks nice!

The Setting Rising Sun

Pure, Cycles 256s

Suzanne has climbed to the top of Mount Sunset while the sun is rising, or is it setting?


The Brink

Pure(ish)- I used a human base mesh, but it’s mostly covered, and the background is a JWST image that you can see some of through the glass.


Title: I really should fix that…

Pure. Cycles. 3.3


Actually, I like it. It might be a little dark on some screens but it works fine for me. (It is dark outside now, so I don’t have any reflections from the windows. It might be a little harder to see the details if I check back in the morning.)

Not sure if any of this will work, but you could try a few things, just to see how it looks:

  • add a little more light to guy in the front (e.g pale moonlight from a window to the right)
  • try to give the light shining through the door softer shadows
  • try placing a light above the door (e.g. an emergency EXIT light) in order to highlight the masked visitor a little more

Btw. I hope the cat is fine!

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You have up to three votes “and the first one’s always free”. :wink:

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Yeah she’s fine, just over-due for some shots! :syringe:

I appreciate the suggestions!
I’ll have to think more about these sources of environmental light next time

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ET´s fingertip need more glow

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And less fingers - and a different skin color. :wink: