Challenge #1007 "Daredevil Stunt" (07/10/22) Entries CLOSED

Hey! Welcome back. :slight_smile:
If you are going to relearn everything, this might be a good opportunity for switching to Blender 3.3 (if your hardware supports it).


Pure. The Human Cannonball! I see at least one other had a similar idea.

Had to rework the fire…(


Nice to see you are still hosting Helge.

Unfortunately I am still using the same 15 year old Computer I was before, so anything 2.70 and beyond is out of the question for now.

My human canonball was my third idea. I started with a high dive, then a Hot Wheels stunt track but quickly realized I need something basic until I get my chops back.

Surprisingly, now that my daughter just left for college I find I have more free time than I used to.


Attempt #2

Open, Cycles 128s, 100% Blender 3.3

The character base, cloud generator, and sky background are from other projects.

The daredevil explorer and pilot, Mr. Balloon Man, is testing a new flying contraption. He crashed the first time, but he’s trying again, this time with a loop-de-loop.

Suzanne cloud: Why aren’t you wearing a crash helmet?!


Last Jump

Pure, Cycles 1024 samples

The motorcycle was some good hard surface practice, although I’ve never modeled a motorcycle before so it took me a couple tries. The sculpt of Evel himself is pretty simple, and the background of his red, white, and blue smoke machines and the clouds is just a simple painted plane with some vector displacements using perlin noise.

Great entries so far! My personal favorites are @Gismo_Wander and @Helge. They’re both very out of the box compared to the rest of us and I’m a pretty big fan of the composition on both!


Helge is a great example to me:
His works are always clean and so creativ. It’s a great honor for me to hear my name this way alongside with his name.
Probably more than it should do.


Title: Backyard Daredevil

Pure. Cycles. 3.3.1


Monkey See, Monkey Do (non-competing)

Just another cannon coming through…


Yes, but this one is easily part of my head cannon :sunglasses:

@Wayth Love the lighting and grass on yours!

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Had not much time, poor Zuzanne had to jump in again :grin:

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Is this a reference to the movie Kick Ass?

Wow. Way to get the most out of it. Now I don’t feel so bad about using a 10 year old computer.


Thanks guys, glad to have you around. It’s a nice little community we have here. :slight_smile:


@3dnotguru, how did you make those rocks? They look so real! I’ve been in Blender for only about a year and a half and would love to learn some new techniques.


The greatest show on earth! Check it out:


Me too - I’m wondering if this was a photo, it’s so real. But then the repetitive elements make my eyes buggy, it must be generated… Plus, the rock is more “ragged” than the real photo. Fascinating.

Awesome entry. I love the shading and the intricate details on the bike.


Thank you, I appreciate it!

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Yes, kind of. The shoes look so empty, and just a size nunber looks to boring,
so i remembered it from the movie.
The jumper is a bit from One Punch Man.

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I just made plane and subdivided it to make general shape of the mountain. Then applied material (mix of some rock, ground and foliage) with displacement and bump. Also subsurface as many times as my computer memory could handle. Nothing special and lot of bad optimisation practices used :grinning:
For the mountains in the background i have used satellite imaginery texture with displacement modifier

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