Challenge #107 Entries (09/07/04) CLOSED

Theme #107 for 9 july 2004 is: the hanging gardens of babylon

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 12 july 2004.

good luck everyone!

Hmmm… very specific.


yep im in…hours of spare time at my grandma’s this weekend :slight_smile:


Possible placeholder.

-Raseri: playing to lose

i ran into a snag that i tried to fix for several hours and finally just redid the thing, so i did not get around to adding the vegetation or textures, so don’t vote for it!

That’s a very cool topic koudejongen! But I’ve to work at a cartoon vehicle and character (poor me :P) for the BWC. I will see.

i dont even know what it is. i heard about it but i dont know exactly.
maybe if i can find out and its not that difficult to make something…

as long as i dont have to maken animals or human because i cant do that (yet)

EDIT: or plants. i’m a beginner but i can’t make them. help!

(maybe i just skip this weekend challenge)

Hmm… It’s a bit of a spesific topic, I may have a go.

Possible Placeholderer

I’m very bad at plants, so i’m just going to enjoy everyone else’s entries! :stuck_out_tongue:

one of the 7 eh? oh well how can I refuse for some aincent pice of arcitecture?
I’ll try coockingup somthing.

Well as the creator of the “screw” thread I felt comitted, so as a theme for my WC project I choosed the Archimedes screw, a method to irrigation archiologist say was used in the hanged garden.

im way far behind begginers but ill try… just reply to me telling how to post the finished pic. up on the site for judging… :wink:

I would do it but the topic makes no sense to me plus im working on my Ooz Tube scene.

Well, I guess I’ll try… will someone give me a tip on how to make good sand dunes?

EDIT: I quit.

Well, considering all of my other weekend challenges turn out horrible, and that this one contains flowing water and plants, i’m going to try and if it is turning out good, i’ll insert the thing that tells people that i’m participating.

[edit] placeholder[/edit]



don’t know how well i’ll do but i am up for it! hanging garden fo babylon - very difficult but i’ll bring it a new twist! :wink:

Place holder - Pure Blender!

Enter at Your Own Risk